Alan Wake will return 'when the time is right'

Remedy says it could have made "less ambitious" sequel, but it wouldn't have done series justice; Quantum Break to be "ultimate Remedy experience."


The Alan Wake series will return "when the time is right," developer Remedy Entertainment has said. In a new video, creative director Sam Lake explained that despite attempts to make a full-on sequel, things never worked out.

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"After the first game, we worked hard to make the sequel happen. But you know these games are huge undertakings and many things need to fall in place," Lake said. "The right partners and the funding. From the creative perspective, it would be awesome if we could just create cool stuff and not worry about minor details like money. But we all know that that's not the case."

Lake explained that Alan Wake was not an instant success, but has since become a cult classic with franchise sales (Alan Wake and Alan Wake's American Nightmare) crossing 3 million units. He said the studio would like to return to the franchise some day, but only under the right terms.

"Even though we worked hard on it, the sequel wasn't happening. The time wasn't right for that," Lake said. "Sure, we could have gone ahead and created something less ambitious, but we felt that that wouldn't have done justice to [fans], to us--we want to be really proud of everything we create--and certainly wouldn't have done justice to Alan Wake."

"Alan Wake is really dear to me and to everyone at Remedy. We definitely want to keep on working on Alan Wake," he added. "I definitely want to create something new for Alan Wake when the time is right."

Lake also took a moment to discuss Remedy's just-announced Xbox One-exclusive, Quantum Break, which was revealed during the platform's announcement on Tuesday. He described the game as the "ultimate Remedy experience."

"Happily, we got a full backing for something new. A new concept. A new IP," Lake said. "Something big; something bigger than what we have created ever before. Something where we can take everything that we have learned from Alan Wake; everything that we have learned from Max Payne. And we were able to put that all together and to create what could be called the ultimate Remedy experience. "

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Avatar image for gamergath

I love Alan Wake, I just got to play it today, love everything of it! Cn't wait to finish and write my own review!

Avatar image for lonewolf315

Alan Wake was the one game that would have made me want the Xbox One. Without that my decision becomes much easier.

Avatar image for ESB

I wish Remedy would just dump M$ and come back to the PC, they're too awesome to be held back by consoles!


Avatar image for rebelguy0

@ESB Bs. Console gamers are fans too

Avatar image for ESB

@rebelguy0 I know, and that's why there should be no exclusivity. Why not release it on both platforms?

The thing that got to me was that for 4 years Alan Wake was marketed as a PC and XBOX title and all of a sudden (only a few months before release) it became XBOX exclusive. It took then 2 more years after XBOX's release for it to come to PC!

Even then we were all happy and the game was extremely well received (recouping its costs in 48h).

Now they come with this exclusivity bullshit again :(

Avatar image for Icepick_Trotter

Microsoft: "Ok we need an exclusive that sells. Make Alan Wake 2"

Remedy: "But... we told the fans..."

MS: "No buts. We've already had our marketing guys make a list of all the things that have to be included in the game."

R: "wait, what? they're not gonna tell us how..."

MS: "For example, lets see, oh! here's one:
'Alan must lose his wife somewhere in between the first game and this one because she's ugly and boring, and in the sequel he'll have a hot and scantily clad love interest that will appeal more to our tween demographic.' see? this is genius! "

R: *blank stare*

MS: "come on... you didn't really think it was YOUR decision or anything, right?" *pat on the back* "ok, get to work."

Avatar image for TheSkyrimStatue

do M$ own Remedy?

Avatar image for keech

@TheSkyrimStatue MS does not own Remedy, they just has a close working relationship it seems. Which makes sense, MS is pretty starved for exclusives and new IP's, and Remedy doesn't like churning out sequel after sequel.

Avatar image for LeonRedfield334

Quantum Break could be really good, but the trailer was just poopy. I think the fans would want Alan Wake 2.

Avatar image for BelaidKL

I can't tell whether there hasn't been a sequel because of money issues? Or because THEY didn't feel like hey had the right game? Either way I frickin loved the first one and can't wait for a sequel

Avatar image for LordChavas

For you guys on PC Alan Wake and Alan Wake American Nightmare are currtently offered in the weekly humble bundle deal. Go grab it! You pay what you want.

Avatar image for DefconRave

So pc gamers saved the alan wake franchise and now they're making their next game xbox exclusive...what a d*ck move.

Avatar image for ESB

@DefconRave Yep, I'm kinda surprised by this.

They got such a huge support when they brought Alan Wake back to PC that one would think they would stick with it.

It's really a bad move to left us PC gamers out in the cold :(

Avatar image for DarkSaber2k

@DefconRave The remake of Death Rally was pretty shitty too.

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

@DefconRave As long as Remedy is in partnership with Micro$hit , don't expect anything different .

Avatar image for DefconRave

@Cloud_imperium @DefconRave Bet when the game flops, remedy will come crying to pc 2 years down the road saying they were always supportive of the pc lol.

Avatar image for keech

@DefconRave @Cloud_imperium While I agree, in all fairness AW got steamrolled by Red Dead Redemption. If they had thought about it for more than half a second they probably would of realized releasing AW on the same day as RDR was suicide.

Avatar image for CyberX115

Alan Wake's American Nightmare came out only a year ago. It's not like the series has been dormant for years and years. I can be patient for a sequel. Alan Wake is one of my all-time favorite games. Maybe on the next-gen Xbox One we'll get Alan Wake 2. As long as the story is great, the suspense is intense, the characters engaging and the gameplay fun I don't care how long it takes to come up with a new installment....well as long as it doesn't turn into another Duke Nukem Forever of course. lol

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

@CyberX115 Alan Wake American nightmare was like Farcry 3 Blood Dragon . It wasn't big scale game like first one , it basically was made to bridge the gap between Alan Wake and Alan Wake 2 . They even registered domains for Alan Wake 2 , google it , you'll find it . They had everything they need to reveal Alan Wake 2 then I have no idea what changed .? I think Shitsoft stopped the funding .

Avatar image for lonewolf315

@Cloud_imperium @CyberX115 From what I understand American Nightmare wasn't to be considered canon. Basically Alan Wake 2 would have ignored the events of American Nightmare.

Avatar image for gbrading

I'm sure Quantum Break will be really interesting, it's just a great shame Microsoft is going to make it XONE exclusive. Especially when Alan Wake took just 2 days to recoup costs when eventually released on PC.

Avatar image for Ground_Zero

It's a shame that this game was overshadowed by RDR.

Avatar image for wexorian

American Nightmare was Not so Good as 1st game that's where they failed they released sequel too soon.

Avatar image for lonewolf315

@wexorian American Nightmare wasn't a sequel. It was a stand alone DLC.

Avatar image for Navardo95

They should simply make Alan Wake an Xbox exclusive...really though M$ is horribly short on exclusives.

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium


Avatar image for kiramasaki

Why does Remedy have to worry about money? I assumed they were at least owned by Microsoft or had exclusivity with them, otherwise it made no sense why they never put wake on the ps3 and why there next game appears to be an xbox exclusive.

And 3 million in sales on a single platform is beyond ridiculously good.

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

@kiramasaki Not single platform . Alan Wake sold 1.4 million copies on xbox 360 .

Avatar image for kiramasaki

@Cloud_imperium @kiramasaki Still for what amounts to the first game in an franchise those are good numbers.

Avatar image for lonewolf315

@kiramasaki @Cloud_imperium Especially when it's not a mindless FPS that attempts to appeal to the masses. It was a really well made game with a lot of thought and effort put into it.

Avatar image for DevilD2005

I loved Alan wake because it was an ode to story tellin and while people can rip on the gameplay, you felt theimpact of the revolver you had, and the dodge nature was pretty interesting.

People say is a movie, but its much like heavy rain, in that it being a game really adds a complete experience to the story. I thougt it was phenominal, and if they want to take a minute to make sure tey got all their ducks lined up to make te best sequal imaginable, I am all for it.

And its more of a mini series than a movie to anyone who wants to be a jerk about it;p

Avatar image for lonewolf315

@DevilD2005 It's exactly like a mini-series. The developers even talk about it that way referring to Alan Wake 1 as "season one" and the dlc as "specials".

Avatar image for TrueGB

In other words, American Nightmare didn't sell very well.

Avatar image for wexorian

@TrueGB American Nightmasre is Garbage compared to 1st game.

Avatar image for hunter8man

My best recent gaming weekend was last fall playing Deadly Premonition, doing a Twin Peaks marathon during breaks, and finishing up with both Alan Wake games. While not perfect, it was very entertaining and interesting to play. I just hope when they release the sequel, it will be released on PC the same day it comes out for consoles.

Avatar image for damo320

I think the big problem with this strategy is money. They say money from slow sales of Alan Wake is the driving force behind moving on to a new exclusive game on the Xbox One. How does that make sense? New console = relatively small owner base in the first few years. Meanwhile 360 has 77 million sold = huge owner base. Of the Xbox One owner base how many will actually buy Quantum Break? a smaller number again. Do the simple math on this and its suicide to start a new IP "on a launch console" when your last game sold too slowly for liking. I'm more concerned Remedy may have weakened their financial footing further thereby making the sequel to Alan Wake even less likely. Grrrr!

Avatar image for CFritzRun

In case nobody knows, you can pick up Alan Wake and American Nightmare for whatever price you want to pay at Obviously it's PC only, but if you can run it, now would be an excellent time to play it.

Avatar image for phillharvey

I wish more games were like this. It really was the little things that I loved. The episodic format was great. I always knew what was going on as I work away from home for two weeks at a time and it was nice that they reminded the player what happened. From the killer sound track to real life people references. I found the story very dismal, but I like subject matter like that. I loved the show 'Twin Peaks" and found this game reminded me of that great show. They made a prequel live action miniseries for this game called "Bright Falls" that used the real life models from the game in that show. The bottom line is that it was refreshing to play this. Heck my wife sat and watched me play as she love Steven King books and this was like a King book.

Avatar image for deactivated-5c60a3d1c2911

Played it on PC. American Nightmare too. Great games. Looking forward to more Alan Wake.

Avatar image for Chronologo

I loved Alan Wake, and I hope a 2nd installment but I expect it not to be action oriented like most of today titles

Avatar image for Kryptonbornson

@Chronologo Alan Wake was a pure shooter. I considered it to be the spirtual sequal to Max Payne. It had better gunplay to me than Max Payne 3. Just because the guy was a novelist doesn't mean he wasn't just another guy that shoots stuff. I was a horror themed shooter.

Avatar image for Chronologo

@Kryptonbornson I don't believe it to be 100% shooter, because you had to save bullets, a 100% shooter is more easy to keep a good amount of ammo. To me this one was more of a survival horror/ adventure game.

Avatar image for lonewolf315

@Chronologo @Kryptonbornson I almost never ran out of ammo. Even on Nightmare.

Avatar image for apolloooo

please don't make alan wake 2 Xbox exclusive. i want for at least PC

Avatar image for redskins26rocs

Alan wake was a good game imo, but I really have no interest in a alan wake 2 at the moment. I would love to see alan wake 2 in 2-3 years.

Avatar image for blueinheaven

@redskins26rocs I would have more interest in it if the add on wasn't so action oriented which kind of worried me for the direction they were taking for it in the future. Its a game I always loved the concept of but not the execution.

Kind of fitting it ends up with MS lol.

Avatar image for TheMisterCheif

Quantum Break got me hard knowing that Remedy loves the Live Action / Game. Will get Quantum Break.