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Alan Wake, Quantum Break Dev Confirms New Project, Codenamed P7

The game will be released one a "wider range of platforms."


What's next for Alan Wake and Quantum Break developer Remedy? As part of its latest earnings report (via PlayStation Lifestyle), the Finnish studio shared some further insight, including the confirmation of a new "game project" that is codenamed P7.

That the game exists is about all we know. However, Remedy did say that its goal for it is to release it on a "wider range of platforms," which suggests it won't be exclusive to any one system. Remedy also made a point to mention that its Northlight game engine will support PlayStation 4. This was the engine used to create Quantum Break, which was exclus

In addition to P7, Remedy is making the sequel to CrossFire in partnership with Korean studio Smilegate. The first game is a massive hit, reaching 650 million registered users and over $1 billion in yearly revenue, according to Remedy.

It remains to be seen if Remedy will make a sequel to Quantum Break or Alan Wake. Quantum Break "sold really well," Microsoft marketing boss Aaron Greenberg said last year. At the same time, he made it sound like there won't be a sequel. "Just like every movie, not every game needs a sequel," he said.

On the subject of Alan Wake, Remedy has said time and again that it has ideas for a new game in the series, though it looks like it's not happening soon. Additionally, any announcements about a new Max Payne would come from Rockstar, as it owns the rights to the series.

As for P7, this could be the game that Remedy said last year was in the early stages of development. Remedy said at the time that it was pitching the game to publishers, though none were named outright.

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