Alan Wake PC delay hinted at by Remedy

Development director for long-in-the-making action adventure states all efforts focused on the 360 edition's spring 2010 release.


Remedy Entertainment's Alan Wake has taken on a quasi-mythical reputation, due as much to the shroud of mystery Microsoft has cloaked the game in as anything its developer has done. With Alan Wake first announced for the Xbox 360 and PC in 2005, Microsoft kept the game largely under lock and key until just last month, when Remedy trotted it out as a centerpiece to the publisher's Electronic Entertainment Expo press conference.

Alan Wake may, or may not, be leaving the forest some time soon-ish.
Alan Wake may, or may not, be leaving the forest some time soon-ish.

As part of its E3 showing, Microsoft said that Alan Wake is expected to make its long-anticipated debut in spring 2010. And while the Finnish studio appears to be entering the final stretch with the Xbox 360 edition of the game--relatively speaking, of course--the PC edition may be in for yet more indeterminate lag.

In a post to Alan Wake's official message boards this week, Remedy development director Markus Maki stated that the studio is completely focused on the Xbox 360 edition of the game, to the apparent detriment of the PC version.

"I'm a PC gamer at heart (have a Core i7, Radeon 4890, 5.1 audio setup at home) so I do appreciate your concerns," Maki stated. "Unfortunately all I can say at this point is that we're focusing all our efforts on the 360 version and will be making comments in regards to the PC at a later in time."

For more on Remedy's psychological action adventure, check out GameSpot's impressions of the game from last month's expo.

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Crosshairs Interview: Remedy Ent. on Alan Wake

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Avatar image for bloody-hell

For completeness' sake of the PC version delay, here's even more proof that there might be no PC version at all : << LINK REMOVED >> (Interview from 15.July.2009)

Avatar image for Chancellor23

This is becoming a bore. The only news worth left hearing is that it has been released for the PC--like it should have been four years ago.

Avatar image for bloody-hell

@prowler666 I know that it has been in development for the PC at the very beginning but there has also been an article mentioning that Remedy changed their mind on some subjects regarding the game and the way this is shaping up to looks like it's becoming just another one of those arcade shooters, which I'd regret to see this become. It was also mentioned that this game would become one of the very first DX10 optimized titles and I can only hope that at the very end this game will neither look bad, nor be a bad port and also not to play like an arcade game. All hope is not lost yet, but recent anouncements made this game take the wrong road for me. Remedy has a very good history and reputation of having developed enjoyable, high quality PC titles and I hope you are right that it's just the publisher who's pulling some strings here.

Avatar image for prowler666

@bloody-hell this game has been also developed for PC from the beginning. it's not going to be crappy console port. MS is just slamming some rules to the table so that X0 version will be ready on schedule. cos that's where the money is. i don't believe that Remedy will let PC gamers down, even with all the delays.

Avatar image for DarthSnipa

It's to add support for DX11

Avatar image for chakkerz

This game is gonna rock. ...If previous games are anything to go by anyways. I pre-ordered the other day ... didn't realize it was still this far away :S ah well

Avatar image for bloody-hell

I foresee yet another delayed and too late released Console to PC port with bad cumbersome Controls, washed out and dumbed down Textures because of the tiny RAM limitation of Consoles, overly nasty copy protection for whichever reason and what not, just because of Company's "Console Focus". Thanks, but no thanks. I had high hopes and good expectations for this game, telling from the very first interviews and previews, but now with their Console Announcement, this game became uninteresting to me all of a sudden. Ported Games will never ever reach the Quality and Satisfaction Levels of natively developed PC titles - I say this because I'm a PC gamer at heart, ever was and ever will be. I'm not saying Consoles are bad, they just address a different customer base (mostly fans of Arcade games) and while it may be easier from a Developer's view to optimize a game to a Hardware which never changed for the last 4 years (Xbox360), compared to PC hardware which improves on a weekly / monthly basis, it just doesn't do it for me, I like my games to be top notch and on the current edge of technology with mod-ability and a flexible powerful editor. Because of this and the fact that the Console optimized Textures will most certainly not be redone for the PC in higher quality, I'm not going to buy it, but please Remedy, feel free to convince me otherwise.

Avatar image for dpadam450

This game started in 2005, and was supposed to be the first DX 10 game. ahahaah

Avatar image for Avals

Yea, guessed it.

Avatar image for Pete5506

Thats to bad but I was going to get it on the 360 so that makes me happy

Avatar image for biggest_loser

I have a feeling this is going to get ugly...another chapter for "The Book of Feuds" if MS have screwed PC over for another exclusive. Anyone remember a game called Halo?!! Originally it was going to be about a fellow named Master Chef but given the release of Cooking Mama it was a recipe for disaster! So they made him shoot aliens instead!

Avatar image for stakex007

I personally don't see Alan Wake being a very good PC game anyway... but thats just me I guess.

Avatar image for Kyuubi_Vegetto

yaba Didn't anyone tell you it also bad to release games too soon before fixing it's flaws.

Avatar image for yaba

And I was going to buy this game too. Well, the longer they take to release it the more time I have to think about it and the more unlikely I am to buy it. Good job guys. Didn't anyone tell you it is bad to delay things?

Avatar image for NuKkU

ehhh this game didnt look to good for me personally so no big deal

Avatar image for metalkid9

and they wonder why pc sales are so low

Avatar image for shazam_lp

I'm not worried about the delay. It's all for the good. After all this is Remedy and they know their PC fans and their PC history very well so it's probably nothing more than just extra optimization that needs to happen before the game sells to the PC platform. Good for the X360 scene I guess. I own both a PC and a X360 but I am definitely not going to spoil my experience and just wait for the PC version to be perfected.

Avatar image for Puckhog04

It's coming out on PC. I really don't see the issue. If it's delayed at all on PC it could be due to optimization. Putting this on VIsta only will obviously limit sales though. That being said, it should sell very well like most PC games. If this were a trend happening with all games on PC i'd worry but these delays are few and far between when it comes to the amount of games. And the delays are console specific companies such as Capcom so a PC iteration of their games is welcome but surprising to say the least. It's surprising that it's coming from Remedy though. I'd suspect MS's doing just based off the idea of their wonderful little "conviction exclusive to 360" at E3 comment. MS doesn't support PC gaming anymore. Then again, PC never needed them.

Avatar image for assasain47

well at least they didnt go "well we have piracy concerns about this and dont want to lose money". The best protection ive seen is the serial needing to play multiplayer, not invasive nor is it complected.

Avatar image for sabazios

No! Enough with the PC delays. These guys are into a business logic, I can understand that, but this makes us feel more and more alienated as PC gamers. These delays can obviously be avoided, since they were unheard of just a couple of years ago. I'm almost starting to think boycott. I know I'll skulk at the very least!

Avatar image for Stiler

Fudge! I built this pc mainly for Crysis and Alan wake, etc :(. I have a 360 but I really want this on the pc instead.

Avatar image for Rob_101

the studio is completely focused on the Xbox 360 edition of the game That makes me RAAAAAAAAAAAAAGE. Another potentially awesome game, lost to consoles.

Avatar image for sixoneone

just cancel the pc version this game can only run on the POWER OF X

Avatar image for Cicatraz_ESP

NOooooooooooooooooooooooooooo I wanted this for PC :( :( :(

Avatar image for stickiey

XanderKage: We'll wait and probably still get a half finished port. Mass Effect anyone?

Avatar image for viewtiful_jay

I was looking forward to the PC version, but it kind of makes sense for it to be put on the back burner. It's obviously going to require Direct X 10, which limits it to Vista only (at the moment). Given Vista's slow adoption in general, and especially on gaming class PCs, making a DX10 only game is a big gamble. MAYBE a game like Alan Wake would be enough to push DX10 adoption among the PC gamers, but it's more likely it would get passed over, especially if it's available on the 360. Now, if Windows 7 sells well and doesn't have too many technical problems at launch, the stagnation of PC gaming caused by hanging on to the aging Direct X 9 for too long could finally come to an end, and Remedy might move the PC version higher up the priority list. But THEN the question is, do you stick with DX10 as your platform, or do you redo everything to take advantage of Direct X 11?

Avatar image for viewtiful_jay

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for pakhair

As usual pc version got delayed......:(

Avatar image for WillT12345

I don't know if you guys know this but the world revolves around dedyradix, in case you couldn't tell by his +10 unreadable posts.

Avatar image for Ice_man_1985

dedyradix Posted Jul 8, 2009 1:45 pm PT BEST DEVELOPER/PUBLISHER for MULTIPLATFORM #1 = CAPCOM - SFIV - BIONIC COMANDO - RE5 - DARK VOID - DEAD RISING etc #2 = UBISOFT - HAWX - FAR CRY2 - AC2 - COJ BIB etc lol your joking right what about: remedy id software infinity ward crytek bioware did you forgot about them ?

Avatar image for WillT12345

Its business people, the 360 sales will be in a hole different league then the PC sales. It takes longer to test/bug squash a PC game because of its open nature (different operating systems, different parts, drivers, millions of possible variations). Plus it just opens the game up to higher levels of piracy. Face it, a delayed release window is the future of PC games.

Avatar image for natasha8384

"I'm a PC gamer at heart (have a Core i7, Radeon 4890, 5.1 audio setup at home) so I do appreciate your concerns," Maki stated. Maki, Maki, Maki ... if that was true we wouldn't be even discussing Xbox 360 version, but rather how it runs on Win 7 and what graphics card is the best for the game.

Avatar image for dedyradix


Avatar image for Dante2710

ill get it for my 360, and later on for my pc :) i have no reason to whine and cry

Avatar image for Decrate

lol you noob, microsoft isnt trying to ruin pc games, they run on windows.

Avatar image for dedyradix

[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

Avatar image for damo110011

who cares if pc version delayed hmmmmm i dont pc games never gauranteed to work even if you have way above spec required to play them consoles all the way at least games play!!. i am sure i will get lots of comments for slating pc but i dont care. and for ps3 version this game is 360/pc exclusive poor sony fans lol

Avatar image for gamer082009

Typical PC abandonment as usual.

Avatar image for IgGy621985

Microsoft in its quest for ruining PC gaming gets another chapter.

Avatar image for dedyradix

i hope so.... but i hate if they not officially confirm it.....

Avatar image for Ice_man_1985

maybe they are trying to optimize it for windows 7.

Avatar image for dedyradix

We must help PC gamer...ask to ALAN WAKE forum << LINK REMOVED >> for keep release PC version, we want it... So go there and post to ask them about PC version !!!

Avatar image for InsideTheseArms

This is !@#%@#$%@$% ridiculous. I am a PC gamer. I have been waiting for Alan Wake since this game was announced, as I was a HUGE Max Payne fan. I could give a flying !@#$ about consoles and this just furthers my hatred when yet another game gets delayed and they put their "focus" on the 360 version. It doesn't fully say, but I am assuming they are having performance issues with the game, and hence the delay. DX 10 issues, most likely, texture pop in, more optimization needed, etc. I also could see this as a ploy to allow Alan Wake to run better on Win 7 or some other crap. IDFC. I want my Alan Wake on my sick PC, not some dumbed down console BS. I've waited too damn long.

Avatar image for metalkid9

thats sucks man

Avatar image for Danimita

¬¬ why?

Avatar image for dedyradix

Microsoft just want make more money...they always like that.... like they not release GOW 2 PC version....That's SUCK things from microsoft...

Avatar image for MafiaBroad82

This sucks for us PC and PS3 gamers, luckily, i'm a x360 gamer too :)

Avatar image for dedyradix

5- years is stupid production times what are they doing there ..... 5 years should makes Bothe PC+360 FINISHED for NOW...that's stupid if they cancel it....

Avatar image for H2Original

In my oppinion, microsoft stick their hands on it and said they want the xbox version first because they make more money with it. Trust me, so many years on development that they are gonna charge like 100 bucks for the damn game.

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