Alan Wake hits PC in early 2012

Remedy Entertainment's psychological thriller finds its way to new format early next year; PC edition to include The Signal and The Writer DLC.


Alan Wake
Alan Wake's American Nightmare

In last year's Xbox 360-exclusive Alan Wake, the eponymous writer gave his flashlight a thorough workout. Fortunately, he has a full stock of Energizers and is ready to do it all over again as the psychological thriller bearing his namesake heads to the PC.

Alan Wake will shine a light on PC players next year.
Alan Wake will shine a light on PC players next year.

Remedy Entertainment today announced that Alan Wake will land on the PC in early 2012. The PC release will include the game's two downloadable content packs: The Signal and The Writer. Wake's PC outing will launch in proximity to the writer's next adventure on Xbox Live Arcade, Alan Wake's American Nightmare.

Alan Wake was initially announced for the PC and Xbox 360 in 2005. Despite Remedy's history of PC development with the Max Payne series, those plans were eventually scuttled.

The game follows best-selling author Alan Wake as he retreats to the sleepy town of Bright Falls. Once there, Wake discovers a mysterious darkness that has taken over the townsfolk, turning them into nightmarish specters. The only way to break through an enemy's shield of darkness is with light, and the gameplay focuses on fighting off ghostly foes with flashlights, flares, and other dark-dispelling tools.

For more on Alan Wake, check out GameSpot's review of the Xbox 360 edition.

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