Alan Wake DLC concludes October 12

The Writer add-on for Remedy's Xbox 360-exclusive action adventure will finish off psychological thriller's storyline for $7.

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Two months on from when Remedy Entertainment released its first add-on for the well-regarded Xbox 360-exclusive Alan Wake, and the studio is cuing up for seconds. Over the weekend, the Finnish studio confirmed that the cerebral action adventure will receive its second, and final, downloadable content pack on October 12. Titled "The Writer," the pack will cost 560 Microsoft points ($7).

The Writer's announcement trailer appears to focus heavily on Alan Wake's supernatural bent, portraying a dreamscape sequence where gravity seems to not fully apply. In addition to the floating wreckage of cars and spiraling destination-less staircases, the action shows Wake grappling with deranged, homicidal beings.

Alan Wake is Remedy's first game since 2003's Max Payne 2 and follows writer Alan Wake as he retreats to the sleepy Northwestern town of Bright Falls. The psychological thriller pits Wake against a mysterious darkness afflicting the townsfolk, turning them into nightmarish specters. The only way to break through an enemy's darkness shield is with light, and gameplay focuses on fighting off ghostly foes with flashlights, flares, and other dark-dispelling tools.

Strange happenings are afoot in Bright Falls.
Strange happenings are afoot in Bright Falls.

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