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How To Get The Screwdriver In Alan Wake 2

Find out how you can pry open locks with the Screwdriver in Alan Wake 2.


Alan Wake 2 requires you to look for various tools to help you reach new areas. One of these, the Screwdriver, lets you unlock containers and doors. Our guide discusses where to find the Screwdriver in Alan Wake 2 so you can finally enter the Coffee World Gift Shop.

How to get the Screwdriver in Alan Wake 2

The Alan Wake 2 Screwdriver can be found in the Percolator ride in Coffee World, a theme park that's first visited during Saga Anderson's Return 3 - Local Girl chapter. You can see the location marked on the map below:

A map showing the location of the Percolator ride in Coffee World
A map showing the location of the Percolator ride in Coffee World

Unfortunately, getting there is an entirely different matter. Due to floods, you have to take the long way around. This leads to a trek through the dirt path and the woods, which is full of enemies, including Taken hostiles that can throw axes. At the very least, you should find several collectibles, such as Alex Casey Lunchboxes, Cult Stashes, and Nursery Rhymes.

Once you've arrived at Coffee World, make your way to the Percolator ride, but be ready for battle. As soon as you approach, an autosave will trigger. You'll then face at least two Taken opponents. One of them will rush you in melee, while the other will throw projectiles. Focus on Taken that are closer, since you can use the carts or careful dodges to avoid projectiles.

Once the coast (or coaster, pun intended) is clear, aim at the other Taken. The central structure will move up and down, blocking your line of sight. As such, you have to wait until the target is visible before you shoot it.

Kill the Taken hostiles (left), so you can safely grab the Screwdriver (right).

With your opponents eliminated, you can safely pick up the Screwdriver, which is on a panel off to the side of the ride itself. This tool allows you to force open locks, as long as they don't require keys or keycodes (i.e. definitely not Cult Stashes). Certain survival kits found on posts can also be opened in this manner.

In any case, that's how you get the Screwdriver in Alan Wake 2. Now that it's yours, it's time to solve the Gift Shop puzzle nearby. Lastly, you might want to know how to get the Bolt Cutters so you can pry open chained locks.

From Bright Falls to the Dark Place, danger lurks in every corner in Alan Wake 2. Don't worry because we've got everything covered in our guides hub.

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