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Alan Wake 2 - How To Solve The Last Nursery Rhyme In Witchfinder's Station

Here's the solution to the last Nursery Rhyme in Alan Wake 2.


Alan Wake 2 has lots of secrets and collectibles. In fact, one particular type even leads to yet another brain teaser just when you thought that you're done with everything. Our guide discusses the Witchfinder's Station Nursery Rhyme in Alan Wake 2. It's the last puzzle of its kind, and also quite special. Likewise, please be reminded that this guide contains minor spoilers.

How to complete the last Nursery Rhyme in Witchfinder's Station in Alan Wake 2

We were able to complete the Witchfinder's Station Nursery Rhyme in Alan Wake 2 by obtaining all the dolls and solving the previous puzzles. You can learn more about those in our Nursery Rhymes and dolls guide.

The last puzzle (out of the original set) that we did was in Cauldron Lake's Rental Cabins area. That also yielded the Father Doll from a Federal Bureau of Control briefcase. Likewise, we received the "I'll Find You" achievement, likely because we found all the dolls in the game.

From there, we received a notification about heading to Witchfinder's Station, which is in the northwestern portion of Cauldron Lake. To be clear, there's already a Nursery Rhyme outside the building. But the secret puzzle inside is quite special.

Left: The Father Doll comes from one of the FBC's containers; Right: The Witchfinder's Station is in the northwestern corner of Cauldron Lake.

Last Nursery Rhyme Clues

You'll hear this secret Nursery Rhyme in Alan Wake 2 upon entering Witchfinder's Station. The recording will continuously loop, and it has the following lines:

On our Hero, the faraway Father still kept an eye,

And told her not to stand out in the light too bright,

While the loving Mother and the Hatchling only tried to survive.

When a tricky Witch opened a way into the dark lake,

Our Hero, against all caution, did a bold step take,

Away from the Sun which would make her blind to all that she could see.

The recording will continue on a loop while you're trying to solve the puzzle.
The recording will continue on a loop while you're trying to solve the puzzle.

Witchfinder's Station Nursery Rhyme solution

What makes this Nursery Rhyme unique is that you're not placing dolls in one small area with drawings. Instead, the entire Witchfinder's Station has several drawings in various spots. As such, you have to place specific dolls in the correct locations. Here's how we solved it:

  • Living room office desk: Eye - Father Doll
  • Second-floor bathroom: Waves - Trickster Doll
  • Dining room: Heart - Mother Doll
  • Second-floor play area: Egg - Child Doll
  • First-floor bedroom: Sun - Hero Doll
The solution to the Witchfinder's Station Nursery Rhyme: Father Doll (Eye); Trickster Doll (Waves); Mother Doll (Heart); Child Doll (Egg); Hero Doll (Sun).

Witchfinder's Station Nursery Rhyme sewards

Upon placing the dolls in the correct locations, we received the "Shift in Reality" achievement. Moreover, the person in the recording, a scientist from the FBC named Dr. Campbell, admits that the experiment was an attempt to trap Saga in the Dark Place. Instead, the experiment backfired, and he'll end up trapped instead.

Once Dr. Campbell is gone, you can use the flashlight boost to get rid of the Darkness Orb near the desk. Sadly, we didn't see a reward pop-up. Instead, we noticed that Saga had four charm slots. Lastly, we found a new Manuscript Page titled "The Murder Sites" on the bench outside the building. This spoke of various enemy bosses that we encountered throughout the campaign.

Dr. Campbell's gloating will get cut short.
Dr. Campbell's gloating will get cut short.

In any case, that's what we got from the last Nursery Rhyme in Witchfinder's Station in Alan Wake 2. Let us know if you discover other possible solutions. Likewise, don't forget to obtain Saga's other collectibles, such as the Alex Casey Lunchboxes and Cult Stashes.

From Bright Falls to the Dark Place, danger lurks in every corner in Alan Wake 2. Don't worry because we've got everything covered in our guides hub.

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