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Alan Wake 2 Details, Prototype Video Emerge -- But Nothing Has Been Decided

Remedy is currently exploring the sequel with publishers outside of Microsoft.

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With Alan Wake franchise sales reaching 4.5 million, it seems somewhat strange that developer Remedy has not yet released Alan Wake 2. But it hasn't been for lack of trying. In 2014, the studio said it "worked hard" to make Alan Wake 2 happen, but acknowledged that it could not find the right partners or funding to make it a reality. Creative director Sam Lake added at the time that the developer could have released a "less ambitious" Alan Wake 2, but this would not have done the series justice.

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Remedy has time and again stressed that it wants to return to Alan Wake "when the time is right," which would probably be sometime after the developer's current game--Quantum Break--ships in 2016. And now the developer has yet again broached the subject of Alan Wake 2, telling Polygon in a wide-ranging feature that it is already looking beyond Quantum Break to think about what's next--and it could be Alan Wake 2.

"Among other things, we are discussing the possibility of an Alan Wake sequel with multiple partners, but nothing has been decided," Lake said. The original Alan Wake and its follow-up American Nightmare were both published by Microsoft.

Another possibility, Lake said, is a new game in the Quantum Break franchise. The universes for both Alan Wake and Quantum Break were designed from the beginning to allow for multiple follow-ups, he explained

Polygon has also obtained Remedy's pitch video for Alan Wake 2, which Lake describes as "more like a mood piece" that offers up "high-level thematic elements" of what the game would contain. Notably, this video is from 2010 and represents what the game would have been all those years ago.

As detailed in the video, Alan Wake 2 would again star the fictional writer Alan Wake as he battles new enemies in new settings. The game also would offer some kind of game mechanic that would let players "rewrite reality," Lake explained. Check out the video at Polygon.

Head of Xbox Phil Spencer is also featured in Polygon's story, saying that the original Alan Wake was "one of the most engrossing and cinematic games of the Xbox 360 generation." He added that it "would be interesting" to see what Remedy could do with a full-blown sequel. Spencer didn't say if Microsoft was one of the partners that Remedy is currently speaking with about Alan Wake 2, but given the two companies' history, it seems likely that the two have been talking.

Though Alan Wake 2 might not be on the immediate horizon, a recent Microsoft survey suggested that the company was exploring a remastered Xbox One version of the original as a pre-order incentive for Quantum Break. Of course, this doesn't confirm that an Xbox One edition of Alan Wake is in the works, but it does show that Microsoft may be at least considering it.

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