Alan Wake 2 confirmed by previsualization artist?

Microsoft and Remedy apparently teaming on sequel to Xbox 360 psychological thriller, if a cinematics creator is to be believed.


Alan Wake
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Source: A since-deleted previsualization artist's LinkedIn profile, captured by Xboxygen.

What we heard: Remedy Entertainment spent some five years crafting psychological thriller Alan Wake for the Xbox 360. And while that extended development period was evident in Alan Wake's strong critical response, the game hasn't proven to be a sales blockbuster. Still, speculation has been rife that Alan Wake will see a sequel, especially considering Remedy has begun work on a new AAA Xbox 360 game.

Now, new evidence for a return of Alan Wake has emerged, courtesy of an artist's LinkedIn resume. Captured by Xboxygen prior to being pulled, the LinkedIn resume showed that during a month spent at Halon Entertainment, the artist contributed to in-game cinematics for Alan Wake 2.

Alan Wake may have more stories to tell.
Alan Wake may have more stories to tell.

The artist's resume offered no additional details on the project. However, it is worth noting that game companies often offload time-intensive cinematic work to for-hire agencies to speed up the completion of their wares--potentially a particularly sensitive point considering the original Alan Wake's protracted development cycle. Halon Entertainment advertises on its website that it specializes in previsualization cinematics, with credits including the Xbox 360-exclusive Halo: Reach.

Remedy wrapped development on Alan Wake with the release of its last piece of downloadable content, The Writer, in October. The game was the first from the Finnish studio since 2003's May Payne 2, and it follows writer Alan Wake as he retreats to the sleepy Northwestern town of Bright Falls. The psychological thriller pits Wake against a mysterious darkness afflicting the townsfolk, turning them into nightmarish specters.

The official story: Microsoft had not responded to a request for comment as of press time.

Bogus or not bogus: Remedy has expressed interest in continuing the Alan Wake franchise with a full-blown sequel. Coupled with Halon's experience working on an Xbox 360 exclusive and the fact that Alan Wake 2 would be an odd choice to simply pull out of a hat, this one is looking not bogus.

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