Akuma Likely the Only Street Fighter Character Coming to Tekken 7

Guest characters can "throw off" the Tekken world and setting, so more are not planned.


Back in December, Bandai Namco announced that Street Fighter's Akuma will join the roster for its fighting game Tekken 7. Don't expect more Street Fighter characters to follow, however.

Senior game designer Michael Murray tells PlayStation Lifestyle that Akuma is likely the only crossover character for Tekken 7 in part because guest characters can "throw off" the game's world and setting.

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"As far as more charters goes, right now, Akuma is the only one we have planned," he explained. "[Producer Katsuhiro Harada] and I have always been against guest characters because it kinda throws off the Tekken world and setting. But Akuma fits the bill, and we wanted to tie him into the story so that the crossover is not some cheesy gimmick. The feedback is really positive."

While there are no plans right now for further Tekken 7 crossover characters, Murray said Bandai Namco is "open to the possibility in the future."

Akuma comes to Tekken 7 as part of an arcade update called Fated Retribution. A release date for this update has not been announced, but it will also include more graphical improvements and other content.

The Fated Retribution update will be available for the arcade version of Tekken 7 in Japan. The fighting game is also in development for PlayStation 4, but is only currently scheduled to launch in Japan.

For lots more on Tekken 7, be sure to read the full PlayStation Lifestyle interview.

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