Akudaikan sequel in the works

Global A is working on a sequel to its PlayStation 2 game of corruption.


Akudaikan 2: Mousouden

According to the latest issue of Famitsu magazine, Global A Entertainment has announced that Akudaikan 2 is in development for the PlayStation 2. Much like the original game, Akudaikan 2 features a corrupted magistrate in old-time Japan as the main character. The player's aim in the game is to earn money by taking bribes and beat the heroes who come to bring justice to the magistrate by hiring protection and setting traps all over the mansion where the game takes place.

Akudaikan 2 will feature several minigames, as well as movie clips using actors from villain-specific actor agencies. Unlike in the original, items can now be equipped on the magistrate, and traps can be removed after they have been placed. There will be also more heroes in the sequel, including historical figures such as Commodore Perry and the legendary swordsman Musashi Miyamoto.

Akudaikan 2's development is currently 80-percent complete. The game is scheduled for release in July in Japan.

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