Akinta Is New State Mobile's Newest Map

The September update introduces new content to New State Mobile.


Krafton Inc has announced the September update for its mobile game New State Mobile is now live. The latest update introduces a new map, skins, guns, and more.

Players can now load into the new map Akinta, a small 4x4km map with a futuristic setting. The map can host up to 64 players at once, and each round can last up to 15 minutes. The map also utilizes the maglev tram, a new traveling mechanic that will take players to the center of the map.

McLaren Automotive will also collaborate with New State as part of the September update. New content includes an outfit, helmet, backpack, gloves, hat, sneakers, mask, and patch.Players will also be able to participate in a new limited-time event where they can unlock the McLaren 720S upon completion. The skin will come in the following colors:

  • Volcano Yellow
  • Paris Blue
  • Royal Purple
  • Fever Pink
  • Black and White

The New States Labs period has also been extended to allow players to play with the Akinta: Bounty Royale mode. Players will no longer need an invasion to participate in the New State Labs.

In addition to the New State Labs being extended, the new AK ALFA is being introduced. The weapon uses 7mm rounds and can be modified with the following attachments:

  • Scope
  • Front Grip
  • Magazine

To learn more tips and tricks in New State Mobile, check out our Beginners Guide.

New State Mobile is a free-to-play game. You can download it on the Apple App Store and Google Play.

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