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Akiba's Trip hits PSPs in Japan in April

Creators of Way of the Samurai share new info on potentially quirky game.

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Spike, known for creating action games based on feudal Japan's noble warriors, has decided to do complete 180-degree turn with its recently announced title. Its new game is called Akiba's Trip, and it's dubbed as a "vampire underwear Akihabara simulator" according to a Famitsu post translated by news site Andriasang.

The game is set in Tokyo's most famous electronics hub known as Akihabara. The game stars an 18-year-old student caught in a war between Akihabara's protectors, the NIRO and the Vigilante Group, and the Kaguyashi, the vampire antagonists of the game.

A piece of action from Akiba's Trip
A piece of action from Akiba's Trip

Gamers can change the main character's costumes and make him wander around familiar locations of Akihabara re-created in digital form for the game. A smidgen of gameplay information was revealed at Famitsu; not only can gamers control the protagonist to walk around the hub, but there is also a vague mention of a combat system where you can deal positional damage to your enemies and exploit their weaknesses like sunlight.

Akiba's Trip is slated for an April 14 release date in Japan.

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