Akai Katana Shin Coming to Europe in 2012

Rising Star to continue partnership with CAVE to bring Akai Katana HD to Xbox 360 next year.


Akai Katana Shin

Rising Star has announced it will be bringing Japanese top-down arcade shooter Akai Katana Shin to Europe on the Xbox 360 during the first half of 2012. In a move which sees Rising Star continue its long-standing partnership with CAVE, Akai Katana Shin will be given a high-definition makeover for its debut on home consoles.

Originally released in Japan on May 26, 2011, exclusively on the Xbox 360, Akai Katana Shin was also released as a special edition, including a soundtrack and special voice pack download code, as well as unique packaging.

Set in a fictional time similar to the Japanese industrial revolution, Akai Katana Shin sees the evil Emperor Basho use a newly discovered energy source, Guiding Ore, to develop the powerful Guiding Katana and take control of a nation. Using the Guiding Katana's unique psychic abilities, Emperor Basho controls an elite battalion to wage war on neighbouring countries to continue his reign. The game sees the player take control of a small squad of rebels to stand against Basho and take down the empire.

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