Airtight Games staffing up for 'several' AAA titles

Dark Void dev seeking to fill positions for work on a number of top-tier projects on 360, PS3, PC.


Dark Void

Airtight Games closed out 2009 in eventful fashion, as it saw the startup developer complete work on its first project, Dark Void, and hire high-profile developer Kim Swift of Portal fame. With Swift focused on making "games aimed at a more diverse audience," Airtight is also proceeding with a number of other development projects, according to half a dozen recent listings posted to Gamasutra's jobs board.

Dark Void was Airtight's first game, but it apparently won't be its last.
Dark Void was Airtight's first game, but it apparently won't be its last.

Design and art positions make up the bulk of Airtight's listings, and all note that the studio is working on a host of top-tier projects. "We are now working on several new AAA titles for a variety of markets," the listings read. "This is a chance to get on board a unique project with a quality focused development and publishing team." Platforms associated with the positions include the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, and PC.

Unfortunately, the listings did not offer much detail on what gamers can expect from Airtight's projects. However, one listing notes that the successful applicant will be able to "craft engaging gameplay, deep combat encounters, and polished puzzle scenarios."

Formed in 2004, Airtight's first project was Capcom's high-flying action game Dark Void, which received a tepid reception for the Xbox 360, PS3, and PC. The studio includes several key members of the now-defunct FASA Studio team, which worked on Microsoft's highly regarded Crimson Skies: High Road to Revenge for the original Xbox.

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