Air Traffic Chaos, Izuna 2 head to DS

Majesco's high-tension airport-management sim joins sequel to Atlus' challenging dungeon crawler on Nintendo's portable this summer.


With nearly 65 million units sold globally as of the end of last year, the Nintendo DS has a wide and diverse audience that needs to be catered to. Luckily, publishers are lining up to meet that demand with games that touch all ends of the gaming-audience spectrum.

Izuna is back and bawdy as ever.
Izuna is back and bawdy as ever.

To wit, Majesco has announced that Air Traffic Chaos will touch down on Nintendo's portable this summer. Air-traffic control is considered to be one of the most stressful real-world jobs, and Majesco hopes to replicate the high degree of tension while removing the life-and-death implications with Air Traffic Chaos.

Players will be charged with managing takeoffs, gate assignments, and landings for 14 different airlines, and noteworthy performances will yield awards that include 16 different merit badges. Play spans across three difficulty levels containing five stages each, and the game also features rumble-pack support.

Also catering toward fans of challenging gameplay, Atlus has announced a sequel to last year's dungeon crawler Izuna: Legend of the Unemployed Ninja. The Unemployed Ninja Returns takes its cues from traditional roguelike dungeon crawlers, with a backdrop of randomly generated environments and chance-item collection.

This time out, the titular jobless ninja heads to a wedding, where she attempts to track down her missing sidekick Shino. Along the way, Izuna manages to once again anger a pantheon of gods, who will work to thwart her efforts. Atlus expects to release Izuna 2 for the DS on July 22.

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