AIA brings Dokapon stateside

The Game Boy Advance RPG will be released in North America in October.


Dokapon: Monster Hunter

AIA USA has announced that it will release the RPG and monster hunting game Dokapon for the North American Game Boy Advance. The game, which was developed by Japanese firm Asmik Ace Entertainment, will arrive in North America in October.

"Dokapon is a deep, long-playing, thoroughly absorbing RPG," says Ellen Fuog, president of AIA USA. "We think it's perfectly suited for the Game Boy Advance, and we're pleased and proud to bring such a quality title to Game Boy Advance players."

The ultimate objective in Dokapon is to become a licensed adventurer. But before that honor is imparted on the player they must complete a variety of missions, capturing monsters and interacting with NPCs. The game features 8 play stages, with randomly generated maps, 150 monsters, and over 120 weapons to choose from. GameSpot will have more as the game's release nears.

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