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Ahead Of GTA 6 Release, Rockstar Raises GTA+ Price By 33%

GTA+ subscriptions just went up in price.


GTA+, the subscription service that offers a variety of benefits in GTA Online and provides access to a catalog of games, just got a price increase. The membership has risen in price from $6/month to $8/month across PlayStation and Xbox platforms. That is an increase of 33%. There is no multi-month or yearly membership option for GTA+.

Whether or not Rockstar Games gave any heads-up notice publicly is unknown. The price hike seemingly went into effect very recently, and the new price is now reflected on the Xbox and PlayStation marketplaces. The service launched in March 2022 priced at $6/month, a price it's held until now.

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Since launch, Rockstar Games has been expanding the benefits of GTA+. In particular, Red Dead Redemption was recently added to the rotating games catalog, joining GTA: The Trilogy - Definitive Edition, GTA: Chinatown Wars, and GTA: Liberty City Stories. Bully and L.A. Noire will join the catalog later this year. GTA+ members get 20% off the purchase price of titles in the library if they decide to buy them outright.

In addition to free games, GTA+ includes access to The Vinewood Club inside GTA Online where they can choose from a rotating selection of premium cars at discounted rates. GTA+ subscribers also get 100 personal vehicle slots at The Vinewood Club Garage.

Additionally, now through August, every GTA+ subscriber will get an additional deposit of $1 million worth of GTA$ each month, alongside the standard monthly deposit of GTA$ 500,000.

Later this year, The Vinewood Club will add a Vehicle Workshop and an app available for in-game phones to help players use the club's services more easily.

Finally, Rockstar teased that GTA+ members will be able to grab a "new bonus car" as part of their subscription when GTA Online's next "big" update arrives this summer.

Many are wondering how GTA+ might factor into GTA VI when it releases next year, and that remains unknown. Rockstar Games parent company Take-Two has not disclosed anything as of yet regarding the profitability or revenue results from GTA+, but the company has said over the years that GTA Online--which makes money from its microtransactions--has been a big revenue-driver.

GTA VI is set for release in 2025, and the latest report suggests it might be eyeing a debut in Fall 2025.

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