Ahead of E3, Killzone Dev Releases Teaser Image and Joins Twitter

Is an announcement coming at E3?


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It appears Killzone developer Guerrilla Games is preparing to make an announcement next week at E3. The developer has shared the image you see here through its Facebook page. It depicts what appears to be a seaside city with mountains and a gorgeous sunsrise on the horizon.

Does this look like Killzone to you?

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"Horizon" is rumored to be the name of Guerrilla's new IP, which has been described as "completely different" than Killzone. In May 2014, Eurogamer reported that this game could be an open-world RPG, though nothing official has been announced.

"It's exciting times. If I even say one word, people will kill me," producer Poria Torkan said.

In other Guerrilla news, the Dutch developer has now joined Twitter, though it previously had a jobs-only account and a dedicated channel for Killzone. Creating a Twitter account doesn't mean much on its own, but the timing is interesting given that E3 is next week.

What's more, Guerrilla managing director Hermen Hulst is heading to the show. Again, this doesn't necessarily mean an announcement is coming, as Hulst was also in town for E3 2014 and there were no major game reveals from the studio.

Guerrilla Games is owned by Sony, so if the studio were to make an announcement at E3, Sony's briefing would seem to be a likely venue. Sony's event caps off the Monday madness, starting at 6 PM PDT on June 15.

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