Ahead Of Call Of Duty 2021's Reveal, Sledgehammer Games Gets A New Look

Sledgehammer is freshening up its logo ahead of the announcement of the rumored WWII game Call of Duty: Vanguard in August.


Sledgehammer Games, the developer of this year's new Call of Duty game, has revealed a new logo, and the timing of the announcement might not be random. It's rumored that Sledgehammer will reveal its new game in August, so setting the stage for that with the logo announcement makes sense in that respect. The game is said to be a WWII title codenamed Vanguard.

"You know that feeling of having a big date coming up, and you go shopping for new clothes? That's what we did. It's a big year and 'we can't wait to share more' doesn't even begin to describe our excitement," the studio said in a blog post. "In the meantime, we thought we'd freshen up our look. Something to wear on a long walk around town."

The new Sledgehammer Games primary logo has more color and is more vibrant than before. It also isn't set to one color specifically. "How about a modular system that changes color based on how we're feeling at any given time? There will certainly be a cross section of the audience reading this that's all like, 'Oh snap! That's me.' And there you are. This one's for you. And it's just the beginning," Sledgehammer said.

The secondary Sledgehammer logo abbreviates the developer's name to SHG, while the "hammer" icon is also staying. "If it isn't broken, don't fix it," the developer said.

Sledgehammer developed 2017's Call of Duty: WWII, while the studio has also contributed to the ongoing development of Call of Duty: Warzone. The studio's new game is said to be another WWII entry that will feature a campaign, multiplayer, and co-op; it will also integrate with Warzone.

According to reporter Andy Robinson, Activision will announce Sledgehammer's new Call of Duty game at some point in August.

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