Ahead Of Apex Legends Season 4, A Thief Is Causing Mischief

Who has a problem with Hammond Robotics?


Ahead of the start of Season 4: Assimilation, Respawn has been using a breaking story about a break-in at Hammond Robotics to tease something new for Apex Legends. The developer runs Outlands Television, a Twitter account that acts as an official news outlet for events that occur in the Titanfall/Apex Legends universe, as a way to tell Apex Legends' story without a traditional single-player campaign. And ever since Revenant stabbed Forge in the midst of an Apex Games interview, someone has been stirring up trouble.

[Update: With thew Apex Season 4 patch out now, we finally know what Revenant plays like and what his abilities are--and they include an Ultimate that saves him from dying. There's also the new Battle Pass full of rewards to earn over the course of this season.]

After a brief report on Revenant's attack, Outlands Television went quiet--only to resume reporting the very next day about break-ins occurring in the Hammond Robotics Facilities on Talos, the planet that the World's Edge map takes place on. Later that day, Outlands Television managed to get an exclusive scoop: a statement that had been emailed to all Hammond Robotics employees.

The statement, which can be read in full in the embedded tweet above, informs Hammond Robotics employees that an intruder managed to breach the Talos offices near World's Edge. After killing three security guards, the thief made off with the personal information of nearly 300 employees, though Hammond states that there is no current threat to any worker's well-being.

Outlands Television's next report--which comes in just a few hours later and is embedded below--proves just how wrong the higher-ups at Hammond are. Three employees have been reported missing after not showing up for work, with a mysterious corrupted file appearing at the three locations each one was last seen at.

Though the file is a bit choppy, it appears to showcase a mechanical (possibly prosthetic) arm transforming over four images. It begins looking very human, before aspects of the forearm extend as tendrils onto the hand's fingertips. These tendrils harden onto the hand into sharpened claw-like extremities and the final and fourth image showcases the arm in its new shape--it's abandoned its human appearance for one that's more animalistic-looking, almost like that of a wildcat. It's unclear as to what this prosthetic's purpose is, though it looks like it could be used for either combat or climbing.

The next day, Outlands Television published another breaking news story--this one includes leaked security footage of the person who's likely responsible for the breach and murders. It's difficult to tell who the person is, though they do appear to have the same (or at least, similar) white pattern on their face that Revenant does. If it is Revenant, that could explain the corrupted file of the arm prosthetic from the previous day. Though not exactly the same, Revenant's arm does transform right before he kills Forge. Originally human-looking, the arm morphs into a blade-like form that Revenant uses to stab Forge. So these could be additional Revenant teases, but it's still not quite clear.

Though there's no basis for this whatsoever--other than that Respawn has now proven it's willing to use misdirection to tell Apex Legends' story--some fans have begun to speculate that these teases aren't for Forge or Revenant at all, but for a completely different character, Loba. Loba (originally referred to as Rosie, but later changed) is another legend who was datamined around the same time as Revenant and Forge and her files describe her as a thief, which seems to match up with someone who would conduct a break-in and utilize a prosthetic or armored glove that could be used to climb into hard-to-reach places.

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