Agents of SHIELD: Everything You Need to Know Before Season 4 Starts

The show moves to a new time and has new threats to deal with.


Marvel's Agents of SHIELD returns this week with its fourth season. The last season put the agents through some tough times. They faced some incredible odds and suffered some major setbacks within their team. The season ended with the show jumping forward six months. The fourth season will pick up from there and fill us in on the other new developments. In case you missed the last season or forgot what happened, this is everything you need to know before the season begins.

We spoke with some of the cast at San Diego Comic-Con where they gave us some insight as to where their characters were headed.

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Grant Ward and Lincoln Are Gone

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Phil Coulson killed Grant Ward on Maveth to get revenge for the death of Rosalind Price. He was possessed by the ancient Inhuman known as Hive. Taking over Hydra, Hive's mission was to rule the world. Having the ability to force Inhumans to obey his command, he was determined to convert humans into a new breed of submissive Inhumans. SHIELD thwarted his plans with Lincoln sacrificing his life to put an end to Hive and his plans.

Phil Coulson Is no Longer the Director of SHIELD

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From the events seen in Captain America: Civil War, the Sokovia Accords arrived on SHIELD's doorstep. The President wanted Coulson to abide by the accords and have any powered individuals (Inhumans) to sign. Coulson was against this as it could take away some of their rights. He's also been chasing a rogue SHIELD agent, who has alluded him on many occasions. The question will be raised whether or not he's intentionally letting the agent allude capture. SHIELD is also returning to being a legitimate government agency. Since the world believes Coulson is dead, a new director is appointed. Coulson is now partnered with Mack in the search for other Inhumans.

Daisy Johnson Has Gone Rogue

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The death of Lincoln had a big effect on Daisy. She's decided to leave SHIELD and was reported as being responsible for destroying banks and other facilities. Coulson and Mack have been tasked with taking her down. Because they've failed to apprehend her on too many occasions, we'll see the two forbidden to follow up on any leads on Daisy's location. As for why Daisy is attacking banks, the true reason for her motives will be revealed.

Radcliffe Creates L.M.D.s

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Radcliffe was the one forced to help Hive convert humans into a lower form of Inhumans. He wasn't held responsible for what he did, and we saw six months later he was trying to get Fitz to work on a project with him. He felt bad for the agents having lost so many friends and started working on an old SHIELD project: Life Model Decoys. L.M.D.s have been a blessing and a curse in the Marvel comics.

The Supernatural Is Coming

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With Ghost Rider's appearance, a new door is opening in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The agents are used to dealing with powered individuals because of the Inhumans. In the comics, Ghost Rider is the result of Robbie Reyes coming into contact with the evil spirit of Eli Marrow. Reyes was transformed into Ghost Rider. It'll be interesting to see how Fitz and Simmons deal with the notion of the supernatural and how they'll try to scientifically prove how he can exist.

Agents of SHIELD Season 4 premieres on Tuesday, September 20, at 10 PM EST/PST.

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