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Agent Under Fire goes multiplatform

As expected, Electronic Arts has announced that it will bring its latest James Bond game to the Xbox and GameCube.


Electronic Arts has officially announced that it will release James Bond in Agent Under Fire for the Nintendo GameCube and the Microsoft Xbox. Like the already released PlayStation 2 version, the two new games will include both first-person shooting and driving levels. The 12 mission-based levels in the game will be based in various exotic locations around the globe. True to the Bond universe, the debonair secret agent will have a variety of Q-labs handheld and vehicle-mounted weapons.

"We are very excited to follow up the highly successful PlayStation 2 version of Agent Under Fire with games for the new consoles," said Jon Horsley, the game's executive producer. "With its high-powered blend of first-person action and fast-paced driving, we feel the game is perfectly suited for Bond fans who own the GameCube and Xbox."

Agent Under Fire for the Xbox and GameCube is being developed by the same teams that worked on the PlayStation 2 version. Both games will be released in spring 2002.

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