Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic ships

Gathering announces that the latest game in its turn-based strategy series has shipped to stores across North America.


Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic

Gathering has today announced that Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic has shipped to stores in North America. The turn-based strategy game, which was developed by Triumph Studios, sees players battling against never-before-seen races as they explore the all-new shadow world dimension, and it features a host of new features, including more than 50 new units, a magic item forge, and a random scenario generator.

"The latest Age of Wonders game builds upon its predecessors," said Graeme Struthers, vice president of Gathering. "Shadow Magic continues to maintain the precedent for high standards set by the original game, adding a whole new realm to explore, new spells, and a robust scenario editor to the award-winning fusion of empire building, role-playing, and tactical combat."

For more information on Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic, check out our previous coverage of the game.

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