Age of Wonders III delayed

Despite "great progress," Triumph Studios pushes fantasy strategy game to Q1 2014.


Fantasy strategy game Age of Wonders III has been delayed into Q1 2014, community manager Jimmy van der Have announced in the game's forums this week.

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Van der Have said Triumph Studios has made "great progress" on the game, but will need "a bit more time" to create all the game's features and content.

"Age of Wonders III is the largest game in the series and with the additional polish we hope we can give you an even better experience," he said.

Age of Wonders III was previously targeted to launch during fall 2013.

Van der Have explained that Triumph is planning a "great" preorder promotion and will show off the game to media during Gamescom next month.

Age of Wonders III is a strategy game that casts players as the leader of a fantasy realm. Gamers can play avatars similar to Lord of the Rings characters Sauron and Galadriel, or Lord Stark from Game of Thrones. The game is fully 3D and runs on the third iteration of Triumph's Creator engine, itself an evolution of the technology behind the Overlord games.

Minecraft creator Markus "Notch" Persson is co-funding Age of Wonders III, though Triumph said he is "pretty much hands-off."

"We are working our asses off so we don't disappoint him and our other fans," the company said.

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Avatar image for umeryunoos

I have a small request for Mr. Markus "Notch" Persson.

If at all possible could he also drum up support for 'Dungeon Keeper 3'

Avatar image for the_hunger

I've been following this game closely. I'm new to the AoW series, but I have a real hankering for a good turn-based fantasy game. And they'll be releasing a DRM-free game on, so it's all good.

Avatar image for lostn

This is my most anticipated game. Buying it for sure.

Avatar image for emerin76

Take your time lads, most of us only recently heard about it, so another couple of months wont mean a thing! Spent HOURS playing this with friends, we still have the occasional link up

Avatar image for DiscGuru101

The game play looks hot. Super excited now.

Avatar image for adunoakenshield

I didn't even know this was in development! Best news of the day even though it's been delayed! The AoW games are great games, lots and lots of hours I've put in them.

Avatar image for acelogan1989


Avatar image for nedsig7

loves the first and second game. it's about time this game have another sequel

Avatar image for NeoIostars

Got AoW 2 from GoG. Great game, unfortunately I sucked at it :P

Definitely looking forward to this, though. I've split with my last love (HOMM) ever since Ubisoft butchered it with its ungodly DRM.

Avatar image for Daian

I had no idea this was being made so this is good news to me.

Avatar image for Oloryn

I had no idea this was in development at all, and I'm a huge fan of the previous AoW games. Very excited to hear about it, I say take all the time you need to keep in line with the amazing quality of the older games!

Seriously, it's like Christmas...with proper elves.

Avatar image for meatz666


But I still think that they should merge this game with HoMM and do a badass game

Avatar image for nirzor07

Just make the game good. Played Shadow Magic ages ago...don't remember much tbh. Never thought it would get a sequel

Avatar image for d3nR

Wordeth, upeth.

Avatar image for Hagan

I can be Ned Stark? I'm in

Avatar image for berserker66666

Age of wonders is an awsm game. Great on them for making a sequel. YEsssss

Avatar image for Pyrosa

This is a solid series, but I hope they refine the interface a bit. Since Disciples and Heroes (F* Ubi's DRM/AO) have gone down the drain, and it'll be awhile before we see another King's Bounty, here's hoping that AoW3 is worth the wait!

Avatar image for piotrjustyna

Disciples II, these were the days!

Avatar image for SalikSST

@piotrjustyna just got Disciples 2 Gold enjoying it thoroughly

Avatar image for piotrjustyna

@SalikSST @piotrjustyna Apologies for my late reply. IMO it's not better than II, quite buggy in fact but still very enjoyable!

Avatar image for SalikSST

@piotrjustyna @SalikSST Hows the third one is it any good or better than 2nd.

Avatar image for piotrjustyna

@SalikSST @piotrjustyna Playing Disciples 3 now!

Avatar image for MAD_AI

I always played Elves because I had a crush on Julia their leader.

Avatar image for lostn

@MAD_AI I think she was in 3 games and had 3 different face lifts.

Avatar image for WantYouBad

Looks good, love PC strategy games.

Avatar image for gufberg

I played a game of Age of Wonders: Shadow Magic as late as last week. Love these games and amazingly they're actually still up to snuff and tolerable in terms of visuals.

The animations have a immortal style to them which is best exemplified by the spells. They're not very pompous in their animation and are generally small but beautiful. As a result you almost do not notice their age.

On another note i'm very eager for another High Fantasy game like this. It is becoming a boring cliché for fantasy games to be "gritty" and "mature" the latter of which is a blatant misuse of the word because they're all too often accompanied by bad and simplistic - and thereby immature - storytelling. You cant just slap a sex scene and some blood on anything and claim to be mature for fucks sake. But i digress.

Give me back my elves and halflings!

Avatar image for hamza345

One of the best strategy game!!!.

Avatar image for piotrjustyna

This looks absolutely fantastic. Thanks, gamespot, I would have missed it otherwise!

Avatar image for pohman

@piotrjustyna now i understand why @Cloud_imperium was upset

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

@pohman @piotrjustyna I heard about it first time to be honest :-P

Avatar image for blackothh

As a huge heroes of might and magic fan, I like what im seeing here.

Avatar image for kohle36

@blackothh First I've even heard of this series. It plays like HoMM, or...?

Avatar image for lostn

@kohle36 @blackothh It's closest to an old game called Master of Magic, which HOMM was very similar to but HOMM was simplified and more accessible to new players.

Avatar image for Freedomination

@kohle36 @blackothh If its like Age of wonders 2 i'd say its somewhat like HoMM but different.

Similar to HoMM its played on a turn-based world map with separate turn-based battles.

However AoW 2 didn't have stacked units wich meant it played alot differently, on the plus side it wasn't mainly about who could fill up a heroes army with the most units in the shortest time, but on the negative side weaker units quickly became totally useless as they took up space. Also the world map was a bit less static in AoW 2. You could build new cities or change the terrain with alot of cool spells.

If its as good as AoW 2 was i'm pretty sure most HoMM fans will like it

Avatar image for 19James89

I hope this gets a Wii U release.

Avatar image for leviathanwing

@19James89 if you believe hard enough it will... so its on you buddy

Avatar image for Hagan

I lol'd at this

Avatar image for Cloud_imperium

Noooooooooo !!!

Avatar image for pohman

@Cloud_imperium its okay calm down