Age of Mythology test sign-ups begin Friday

Microsoft and Ensemble Studios will invite 10,000 players to test their upcoming 3D real-time strategy game.


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Microsoft and Ensemble Studios have announced that they will invite 10,000 players to help test Age of Mythology, their upcoming 3D real-time strategy game. Sing-ups for the test will begin this Friday, June 21, and run through Sunday, June 30. The test will involve an alpha version of the game that includes two of the game's nine playable civilizations. It will let up to four players compete head-to-head as a follower of either Zeus or Poseidon on one of two multiplayer maps. The alpha version of the game will be released to testers early next month.

For more information about the test and to sign up for a chance to participate, visit Ensemble Studios' official Age of Mythology Web site.

Ensemble Studios is best known for its popular Age of Empires strategy games. Age of Mythology, while not intended to be part of the series, will feature a number of gameplay elements drawn from the Age of Empires games. The game is built on a new 3D engine, and it will let players assume control of one of nine different civilizations inspired by ancient Greek, Norse, and Egyptian mythologies. In addition to the civilizations' basic units, players will have access to mythological creatures such as minotaurs and cyclopes, and they can also call on the forces of the gods to aid them in battle.

Age of Mythology is scheduled for release this fall. For more information, take a look at our in-depth previews of the game. For information about current and upcoming beta tests, visit GameSpot's 2636409Beta Center .

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