Age of Mythology expansion coming

Ensemble Studios announces an expansion pack for its popular RTS that will add a fourth faction, new units, and new scenarios.


Microsoft and Ensemble have announced Age of Mythology: The Titans, an upcoming expansion pack that will let Age of Mythology players ally with the ancient Titan gods Atlas and Cronus. The Titans adds a fourth side, the Atlanteans, to the existing balance between the Greeks, Egyptians, and Norse. The first screenshot from the expansion shows that it should live up to its name, with some giant-sized units.

In addition to 12 new god powers, 10 new mythological units, and 18 new human units, Atlantean players will benefit from being able to use Titan god powers multiple times (instead of just once, like the existing factions), and they will also be able to upgrade human units to hero status. To provide some context for the Atlanteans' struggle, The Titans will add 12 new single-player scenarios.

Age of Mythology: The Titans is currently due out this fall. It will require the original game to play, and it will also be playable through Ensemble's ESO multiplayer service. Expect more details on the expansion in the coming weeks.

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