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After Two Years, Destiny 1 Finally Adds Remaining PS4-Exclusive Content On Xbox One

It's been a long time coming.


Destiny 2 is already out, but until now, there was still PlayStation-exclusive content for the original Destiny that was unavailable on Xbox. At long last, Xbox players now have access to that content--some of which is two years old--but many are irritated that it took this long in the first place.

Sony and Activision famously have arrangements that see content released for the PS4 version of certain games before other platforms. Call of Duty DLC launches on PS4 a month before PC or Xbox One, but in Destiny's case, it was more extreme. Xbox players had to wait months to get their hands on certain content; in the case of The Taken King, the lauded expansion pack that released in September 2015, some of it is only now available after two years. That's understandably frustrating to Xbox players who paid the same price as those on PlayStation, and are only now receiving access after they've moved on to Destiny 2.

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Neither Activision nor Bungie seems to have promoted this newly released content, although Bungie did announce back in June that it would be released at some point in October. Its quiet release was noticed in a thread on Reddit, with many users voicing their frustration with how this exclusivity has been handled.

Some of this timed-exclusive content--specifically that of 2016 expansion Rise of Iron--comes after just a year. Content from The Taken King was originally due out during fall 2016, only for it to be delayed another year without explanation.

Reddit user isvrygud has compiled a list of everything that Destiny players on Xbox finally have access to. It includes weapons, gear, a Crucible map, a Strike, quests, and more. Not all of this was tied directly to the Rise of Iron and Taken King expansions; others were part of events and updates, such as the Sparrow Racing League.

The sequel similarly has PS4-exclusive content, something that now impacts Destiny 2's upcoming PC version in addition to Xbox One. When it was first announced, Activision said it would remain exclusive "until at least Fall 2018," leaving the door open for a repeat of what happened with The Taken King. However, game director Luke Smith has assured fans that PS4-exclusive content will be released by the end of 2018. It includes the Lake of Shadows Strike, the Retribution map, an Exotic weapon, and more.

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