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After Twitch, Microsoft's Mixer To Let You Buy Games Directly From Streamers

Mixer introduces a new route to making money by streaming.


Mixer has announced plans to introduce a new feature that allows streamers to sell games directly to viewers. Much like what Twitch added last year, this will provide streamers with a cut of the sale and allow you to make a purchase without leaving Mixer itself.

Mixer Direct Purchase has to be specifically enabled by a streamer, and it allows the game currently being streamed to be bought for Xbox One or PC (Windows 10, specifically). Once the process is complete, which can be done without exiting the stream, the new purchase is added directly to your game library without having to redeem a code. This includes anything that's sold on the Microsoft Store, which spans all games and DLC for Xbox One and Windows 10.

Sales through this process will earn the streamer a 5% cut "at launch" of the program, the phrasing of which suggests it could change in the future. (That 5% matches what Twitch offers to streamers.) Mixer partners will begin having the ability to sell games and DLC "in the next few days." Others will gain access to this in the months ahead. Streamers can choose whether they're promoting a purchase of a specific edition, the base game itself, or specific DLC.

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Mixer is the streaming service formerly known as Beam. In 2016, Microsoft acquired the company, which distinguishes itself from Twitch with an emphasis on real-time player interaction. Aside from continuing to play that up, it's also attempted the close the gap with Twitch over the last year-plus, launching a Mixer mobile app and now providing similar incentives for streamers to make use of the service.

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