After Tracer, Overwatch's Mei Comes to Street Fighter 5 Thanks to a Mod

R. Mika has a new look.


With Tracer already modded into the game, Street Fighter V's community has now brought another Overwatch character into the mix.

Mei, the love-her-or-hate-her Defense character, is now playable in Street Fighter V as an R. Mika skin. This mod is, like the Tracer one, the work of THEJAMK. It looks pretty solid, right down to her gigantic snow boots.

You can see the Mei skin in action in the video above. On their Patreon page, its creator notes that it isn't perfect, but will do for now. It's unclear if they plan to continue working on it or if more Overwatch character skins are on the way.

The mod can be downloaded here. As always, exercise caution when grabbing files from an unknown source.

If you're in the market for a brand-new character, Street Fighter V's June update is slated for release next week. It adds a playable character, Ibuki, as well as a Story mode and other new content and fixes.

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