After Tackling Eating Disorders And Bullying, This Mobile Game Wants to Help You Study

High School Story developer Pixelberry announces plans to launch an educational expansion to help users prepare for standardized tests.

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After tackling teenage eating disorders and bullying, developer Pixelberry Studios today announced plans to launch a first-of-its-kind education expansion for its mobile game High School Story.

The education-themed expansion for High School Story was designed by Pixelberry developers--some of whom are former Electronic Arts developers--as well as standardized test prep experts and tutors. It's the game's biggest update to date, and it promises to deliver a range of plot-driven gameplay with "interactive learning components" purposefully designed to help High School Story's teenage player base excel on standardized tests such as the SATs or ACTs.

"Branching into scholastic arenas is a natural evolutionary step as we try to change how teens play and learn" -- Pixelberry CEO Oliver Miao

"Teens face immense pressure to excel in and out of the classroom," Pixelberry CEO Oliver Miao. "We are very proud of how High School Story helped teens with bullying--in some cases it saved lives--and we think we can expand our impact. Branching into scholastic arenas is a natural evolutionary step as we try to change how teens play and learn."

If you're unfamiliar with High School Story, it's an iOS and Android mobile game meant to simulate the realities of high school, including its many social and academic challenges. The free game is a hit, with more than 12 million downloads and $9.7 million in revenue derived from in-app purchases.

Past in-game educational efforts have focused on anti-bullying measures, where Pixelberry was able to raise $300,000 for the Cybersmile charity in 2013. And just this summer, Pixelberry teamed up with the National Eating Disorders Association to give High School Story players the resources they need to overcome their struggles with body image issues.

Pixelberry, based in Mountain View, California, describes itself as a mobile game company "proving that doing good can also be good business." The company was founded in 2012 by former EA veterans Miao, Keith Emnett, and Winston She.

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