After Street Fighter 5 DLC Delay, Capcom Apologizes for Slow Communication

Capcom talks about Ibuki's releasing timing, input lag, and rage quitters.


Street Fighter V's launch and subsequent DLC rollout have not been as smooth as anyone would have liked, and Capcom is now apologizing for not sharing news with players as quickly as it could.

"We'll be the first to admit that we can improve our communication with the community, in terms of where our priorities lie around the game and status updates," it stated in a blog post. "We plan to change that in the coming weeks and months and will work to quickly address topics that come up in the community as best we can."

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Capcom recently announced that the next DLC character, Ibuki, would be released at the end of June. There had previously been speculation that she would be out by now, something that Capcom has confirmed.

"The first thing we want to address is the release of our next DLC character, Ibuki. We had originally aimed to release her in the last week of May, but in order to provide the best experience possible for our players, we decided to postpone her," Capcom said. "We are doing our best to release the content in the last week of June."

"We apologize to our players all over the globe for not communicating this change to our release schedule sooner," it continued. "While we planned to talk about the timing of her release this week, it's clear that we should have been more upfront with everyone on the shift in timing."

As detailed earlier this week, Ibuki will now debut in late June alongside Story mode, one of the key features absent from Street Fighter V's launch in February.

Capcom previously admitted Street Fighter V needed more polish and didn't have enough content. This prompted it to proclaim it would focus more on "completeness," even if it comes as the expense of delays. That's a policy that applies not just to upcoming Capcom games, but to future Street Fighter V content as well.

"Moving forward, the development team will continue to put quality of the product above all else," Capcom said. "This may result in additional delays in content deployment. That said, we will be much more transparent when plans change so all of our fans know what to expect."

Capcom's blog post also addressed two other big issues facing Street Fighter V. On the subject of input lag (a serious problem in the PS4 version), the company says it's heard the feedback and the development team is "currently looking into the reports."

As for rage-quitting, Capcom says its most recent measures have reduced mid-match disconnects by about 60 percent. It added, "While this is an improvement, it's clear we still have a lot of work to do on this issue and you can expect us to roll out additional measures in the future to help address this problem."

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