After Skipping PC, Mortal Kombat XL and Kombat Pack 2 Finally Headed to Steam

A patch is on the way for owners of the existing game, too.


Despite saying it would skip PC with the release of the second DLC pack and complete edition, Warner Bros. today announced it's bringing Mortal Kombat XL to the platform.

The news was teased recently by series creator Ed Boon and then all but confirmed when a test version of the game was offered briefly on Steam. Today's announcement reveals the new PC version is being handled by Qloc, rather than developer NetherRealm Studios (or High Voltage, which did the original PC port).

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XL will launch for PC on October 4. It consists of all the content from the base game and Kombat Pack 1, as well as the previously-unreleased-on-PC Kombat Pack 2. Kombat Pack 1 consists of four characters, like Alien's Xenomorph and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre's Leatherface, along with new skins. Kombat Pack 2 comes with four more characters, including Predator and Jason Voorhees, and even more skins.

Those who own the existing game will receive a patch on October 4 offering balance tweaks and the improved online play that was featured in the recent test. It looks as if those people will be able to buy Kombat Pack 2 on its own, as it has a listing on Steam, but we've followed up with Warner Bros. to confirm.

A price for XL was not announced. The existing Premium Edition, which consists of the base game and Kombat Pack 1, sells for $40 currently. The Xbox One and PS4 versions of XL launched for $60 in March; they now carry an MSRP of $50 but can be had for less on Amazon.

When XL and Kombat Pack 2 were announced earlier this year, NetherRealm said they would not come to PC. This came after a troubled launch for the base game's PC version in 2015; NetherRealm opted to use a new installation system meant to allow the game to be played without all files being downloaded. Instead, this prevented some players from installing it at all. This was followed by numerous issues, including crashes, in the ensuing weeks, as well as a patch that erased save games. These were eventually worked out, but support for PC had fallen off until now.

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