After Six Movies And $1 Billion, The Resident Evil Reboot Finds A Director

47 Meters Down director Johannes Roberts gets the job.

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The Resident Evil movie franchise will continue with a reboot set to follow the six Milla Jovovich-starring films that together generated $1 billion at the box office. Now, it's been reported that 47 Meters Down director Johannes Roberts has come aboard to write and direct the reboot.

According to Variety, which first reported the news, the Resident Evil movie reboot is a "high priority" for producer Constantin Films. That company was also behind the six Resident Evil movies that starred Jovovich and were directed or produced by her husband Paul W.S. Anderson.

Those six movies featured Jovovich as Alice fighting against Umbrella Corp. and zombies. It remains to be seen what the story might be for the upcoming reboot, while details about the cast are also under wraps for now. Production on the film is expected to begin in 2019.

The six Resident Evil movies so far were Resident Evil, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, Resident Evil: Extinction, Resident Evil: Afterlife, Resident Evil: Retribution, and Resident Evil: The Final Chapter.

While Jovovich and Anderson and done with Resident Evil movies, they're now working on a film based on another Capcom property: Monster Hunter. Jovovich stars in the film alongside Ron Perlman; you can see the first image here.

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Wait... don't open THAT door!

Avatar image for lina_baby_doll

How did they know we wanted this?

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So who asked for this and why aren't they hanging by their toenails over a pool of piranha?

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So this is where we're at, we're rebooting video game movies just after the original series has ended. What a time to be alive.

Has Hollywood just completely run out of ideas? Seriously, I could come up with some movie ideas if you're that creatively bankrupt.

Avatar image for MrGeezer

@mrdinghat: I agree that it's kind of ridiculous to see a franchise get rebooted so quickly after a successful run (successful as in "they actually managed to get through six or so movies" and not successful as in "the movies were actually good"). When seeing this, my first thought was, "really? Already?"

Having said that, let's not pretend that this is standard for Hollywood movies. At least, not yet. There's still plenty of original content coming out.

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@mrdinghat: Yeah, it seems fun creating reboots for the same exact generation you created the original series for.... Like, c'mon Hollywood. If you are out of ideas and need to do a reboot, at least take something from an older generation of movies to work on. Not something that literally just ended a couple years ago. Just....just terrible.....

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A reboot already? Reboots seem to be happening faster and faster nowadays.

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@RELeon: Better than another sequel. As an RE fan, those movies are trash.

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@WarGreymon77: Yeah. As a RE fan, I would kind of prefer neither.

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I was hoping for Len Wiseman, and they could star Kate Beckinsale. : p

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Hopefully it's actually a horror and not another action flick.

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Holy ****, this franchise doesn't end

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@nabinator: Why would it? It prints it's own money.

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@aross2004: Because morons can't seem to understand there is no quality in these movies. Or the games for that matter.

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@aross2004: $1 billion across 6 different films is rather pathetic actually.

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@aross2004: LMFAO