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After Server Issues, Another Final Fantasy 15 Closed Beta Has Been Scheduled For Next Week

The next beta will follow an update that should "improve matchmaking."


The closed beta for Final Fantasy XV's multiplayer DLC, Comrades, is going on now, but so far it's been plagued by server problems and has generally been a bit of a mess--as you can see from our attempt to play it in the video above. Because of this, Square Enix will hold another test for the expansion next week.

On Twitter, the publisher announced that the next "Closed Online Test" for the Comrades DLC will run from August 11-13. Square Enix says that it'll release an update next week to "improve matchmaking," which has been one of the biggest issues affecting the current beta. "We're trying our best to make sure the #FFXVComrades Closed Online Test runs as smoothly as possible so keep an eye out for further updates," the publisher said on Twitter.

Comrades is a cooperative multiplayer expansion for the formerly single-player RPG. Players can create their own unique avatar and band together with up to three others to undertake quests. The full expansion will feature an assortment of new weapons, gear, attack styles, and more, but only a select amount of content is available to try out in the beta. A future update to the expansion will also add Noctis and his entourage as playable characters.

Square Enix hasn't announced a release date for the Final Fantasy XV Comrades expansion, but the current closed beta is projected to run until August 8. To take part in it, players will need to have purchased the game's season pass and have an active PlayStation Plus or Xbox Live Gold membership, depending on their platform.

Meanwhile, Square Enix has recently released another batch of additional content to the core adventure. The game's big July update brought with it the long-delayed Magitek Exosuits and introduced a new Cross Chain system. The Moogle Chocobo Festival has also returned for a limited time, though players will need to have either the free or paid Holiday Pack DLC installed in order to take part in the event.

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