After Reaching 2.5 Million Players on PC, Ark: Survival Evolved Comes to Xbox One

Ark comes to the Xbox Game Preview Program.


Having already reached 2.5 million players on PC, dinosaur survival game Ark: Survival Evolved makes its console debut today, December 16, on Xbox One. It's available for $35 through the system's Game Preview Program, while a free trial is also available.

Note that the game is a work in progress. Developers Studio Wildcard and Instinct Games advise you only buy the game if you are "comfortable with the current state of the unfinished game."

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As announced previously, the Xbox One version of Ark contains all of the content from the PC version. Xbox One players also get some exclusive goodies in the form of a Bionic "Tek" T-Rex, Safari Hat, and Survivor's Trophy. In addition, should you have an extra Xbox One, you can use it to host your own server with support for custom rules and up to 70 players.

Studio Wildcard also promises a "steady delivery" of new content by way of future updates. Among these is two-player local split-screen, which will be added to the Xbox One version in 2016.

Not familiar with Ark? Basically, it's a survival game that blends cooperative and competitive multiplayer. You begin naked and afraid on a strange island. You must then set out to craft items to stay alive. You can tame loads of dinosaurs and other ancient beasts, and once you've done so, you can ride them. Take a look at the video above to get an idea for what to expect from Ark.

Ark's Xbox One file size is 24.94 GB. Head to its page to queue up your download.

The full, finished version of Ark is slated to arrive in June 2016 across PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. The PS4 version is expected to support PlayStation VR. Note, too, that when Ark launches in full on Xbox One next summer, it will cost more than $35, though a final price point has not been announced.

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