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After Moving Away From Arcade Games, Here's What Nex Machina Dev Is Making Next

Arcade is dead. Long live multiplayer.


Back in November, Resogun and Nex Machina developer Housemarque announced that it had decided to move away from its core genre of arcade-inspired games. For a developer that is more or less synonymous with twin-stick arcade-y shooters, this seemed like a bold move. Now, we know a little bit about what Housemarque has planned for its next title.

Called Stormdivers, this is the first game made after the studio shifted its focus to multiplayer-centric, "live" games. Beyond saying that the game will, indeed, focus on multiplayer gameplay, Housemarque didn't give many details. However, you can see the first teaser trailer in the embed above.

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Now Playing: Stormdivers - Announcement Trailer

If the trailer is any indication of the actual in-game look of Stormdivers, then the title will mark a significant break from the past. Previous Housemarque games have generally been heavily stylized and cartoony; the teaser, meanwhile, shows a world both atmospheric and realistic.

"Our newest title will still remain in a slight shroud of mystery, but we can say that it will be a high-flying and heavy-hitting, multiplayer-centric experience," Housemarque stated in a press release. "It will be the first title that we treat as an ongoing service; this also means that there are ways to get to play it earlier and we'd love to develop it further with a feedback loop in mind."

There's no word on platforms or release date yet. If you want to get a sense of the games Housemarque used to make, check out our review of Nex Machina.

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