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After Just Cause 3 domain appears, Avalanche says it has "very exciting stuff" to show shortly

Founder Christofer Sundberg says "We have very exciting stuff that we'll be ready to show shortly."

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One day after it was discovered that a brand protection company used by Square Enix privately registered a domain name for Just Cause 3, series developer Avalanche Studios has teased that it will make an official announcement of some kind very soon.

"We have very exciting stuff that we'll be ready to show shortly," Avalanche Studios founder Christofer Sundberg said on Twitter. "Thank you all for your patience."

The "exciting stuff" Sundberg is referring to may not even be a third entry in the Just Cause series. After all, Square Enix registered Just Cause 4 domain names in 2012, and of course nothing ever came of that. Still, Just Cause 3 is rumored to be on display during E3 2014 this summer.

Avalanche has a number of a projects in the works. In addition to a new game to be published by Square Enix (believed to be Just Cause 3), the company is working on a new Mad Max game and a title based on a comic book franchise. Avalanche is also producing an unannounced mobile game.

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