After Its Closure, More Telltale Games Are Disappearing

2K Games is working to get Tales from the Borderlands back on sale.


If coping with the closure of Telltale Games last fall isn't hard enough, prepare for more heartbreak. According to digitial distribution site, the now-defunct studio's games are being delisted from the storefront.

A post on the site's forum states that the rest of Telltale's titles will be removed from GOG on Monday, May 27 at 3 AM PST / 6 AM EST / 10 AM UTC / 11 AM BST. This includes The Wolf Among Us, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy, Hector: Badge of Carnage, both Batman: The Telltale Series and Batman: The Enemy Within, the entire Sam & Max series, the Puzzle Agent series, and Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People. Anyone who purchased these games on GOG before the delisting will still have access to the titles in their libraries, the post confirms.

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Tales from the Borderlands was also supposed to be cut, but according to a statement from publisher 2K Games to Eurogamer, "We are working to get Tales from the Borderlands back up on digital storefronts as soon as possible. All prior digital purchases of the game will of course still be honoured and supported."

Tales from the Borderlands and The Walking Dead cannot be purchased on Steam at this time. A handful of other titles--such as the complete Sam & Max series and the final season of The Walking Dead--cannot be bought on Steam either, while games like Batman: The Telltale Series and The Wolf Among Us are still listed as available for purchase. It's unclear if the rest of Telltale's games will be pulled from the platform on Monday.

With the news of GOG pulling Telltale's catalog from the platform, it's possible that the PlayStation and Xbox One stores could face a similar fate in the near future. As of now, though, both the PlayStation Store and the Xbox One store list Telltale games as available for purchase.

The California-based studio closed its doors in October 2018. The shuttering shocked fans, critics, and employees of the company, as the stufio was still wrapping up development on The Walking Dead: The Final Season. The studio also had three, now-canceled games in development: a second season of Game of Thrones, a Stranger Things title, and The Wolf Among Us: The Second Season.

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