After Halo Movie Fell Apart, Director Still Wants Another Shot

But it's probably not going to happen, Neill Blomkamp says.


Director Neill Blomkamp was attached to direct the Halo movie with producer Peter Jackson many years ago, but the project fell apart. Now, Blomkamp has spoken up to say he is still a big fan of the franchise and, although he hasn't been asked to direct a Halo movie since then, he says he's open to the idea of coming back for a Halo project if Microsoft asks.

"I love Halo," Blomkamp said in a Reddit AMA. Still. But I seem to have a bad track record of turning existing franchises into films. haha, Do I love the world? Master Chief? Reach, the Colonies, the Flood, the Covenant? YES. Am I going to end up directing a piece in that world? probably not--meaning no one is asking me."

Blomkamp directed the Halo Landfall live-action short, and in case you forgot, it was very impressive. He said in the Reddit AMA that he would be interested in making more videos like that for Halo with his new short film company Oats.

Halo franchise director Frank O'Connor responded to Blomkamp's new Halo comments, saying Microsoft would be "delighted" to team up with Blomkamp again.

Blomkamp has also said he is interested in making a game someday, though it may never happen given how busy he is with other projects.

While a Halo movie might not be happening anytime soon, Microsoft is working with Steven Spielberg on a Halo TV show. However, it has been a very long time since we've heard anything about this.

Outside of the Halo series, Microsoft seems more interested in bringing Gears of War to the big-screen. Armageddon and Shaft writer Shane Salerno recently was hired to write the script.

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