After Destiny 2: Forsaken's Release, Bungie Has A Year Of DLC Planned

Your future in Destiny 2 can take one of two different paths.

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Now Playing: Destiny 2 - Bungie ViDoc: Forsaken Launch And Beyond

Forsaken, the next expansion for Destiny 2, arrives on September 4. Bungie has now revealed a new ViDoc (above) and the planned roadmap of DLC content that will come to Destiny 2 after Forsaken has arrived. There are two different paths of content depending on whether you want to spend more money on Destiny 2, which you can get for free right now with PS Plus.

Forsaken kicks off Destiny 2's fall season, which runs from September through November and is called Season of the Outlaw. On September 1, you can play Gambit as part of a 24-hour trial if you pre-order Forsaken. Forsaken officially launches three days later, and the expansion's raid, titled Last Wish, goes live on September 14. On September 18, Iron Banner returns and The Convergence map is added to the Crucible. The Breakthrough multiplayer mode comes to Crucible on September 25, along with some more maps. Festival of the Lost returns in October, but Bungie is promising a twist this time around. Continued updates and surprises will be patched into Destiny 2 throughout November.

From there, Destiny 2's roadmap splits. Each season will run three months long. What you get depends on whether you're willing to pay. All Destiny 2 players get add-ons from the free seasonal updates path. Paying for the annual pass unlocks a different string of exclusive content.

Starting in December 2018's Season of the Forge, everyone will have access to The Dawning event, as well as season rankings, the Iron Banner, new Crucible content, and new weapons--including the return of heavy machine guns. Annual pass holders get access to the Black Armory, which includes Light and Fury weapons, as well as the new Forges of the Chain activity, a Raid Lair, exotics, legendaries, and bonus rewards.

This pattern continues into Spring 2019's Season of the Drifter and Summer 2019's unnamed season, with new weapons and events unlocking for all players, and exotics, legendaries, and new activities to complete unlocking for annual pass holders. You can see the full roadmap on Bungie's blog. Bungie is keeping some of the information purposively vague for now in order to surprise Destiny 2's players down the line. In the meantime, see the big changes in Destiny 2's newest update.

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Avatar image for oCAFFEINEo

I still stand by saying it's absurd to lock content behind an expansion with a annual pass just to get more money.

Avatar image for thedre666

So, what freakin' version do you buy if you bought the over the top initial Release with the damn bag and solar charger?

Already spent overs and now have to do again? Is the Annual Pass available to buy as a stand alone? If you buy the Legendary to get Cayde's crap, does not seem to have the annual pass included. WTF????

Help please!!!!

Avatar image for Karmazyn

This is not a normal game, thats for sure. You need to treat it as a subscription online service. If you wont commit to payable DLCs u wont have anyone to play with. Its not for me brah. I played standard version and while it was ok I cant see myself spending more money on it. I am out

Avatar image for Ice-Cube

Ok so as someone who only has Destiny 2, you're telling me I gotta buy the Expansion Pass for $27, Forsaken $54 and the Annual Pass for $35/$45 (not sure exact price USD/CAD), for a grand total of $116/$126! Wow... to get the full experience. That's way too much just to jump back into this game.

Next up, monthly pass to include all content $10/mo. Lol

Avatar image for ThePlantain

@Ice-Cube: I'm with you on this one. I wouldn't mind giving this game another shot, but having to pay for all that stuff (even the first two DLCs that were horrible) is just not ok in my books.

I bought every piece of content for Destiny 1...this time around I only bought the base game initially and waited for reviews on the DLC and I'm glad I didn't spend that money. I

Avatar image for Ice-Cube

@ThePlantain: Yea same, I had my fun with Destiny 2 but this is just way too much to get back into the game.

I too waited to see the reviews, I’m glad I did as well. But yea they need to really think about their pricing strategy.

Maybe I’ll just wait for Destiny 3 haha

Avatar image for R4gn4r0k

So an expansion pass on top of a paid expansion, on top of an expansion pass on top of a full priced game...


Avatar image for str8killa007

I've paid 90$ for destiny 2 with the shitty 2 dlcs and I will not pay a Benny more than that amount. . I mean wtf is that ??

Do I have to pay hundreds of dollars to play full game .. no I won't

Avatar image for Mogan

@str8killa007: You wont pay a Benny, but what about just the two Andys Forsaken actually costs?

Avatar image for goshawkzilla

@Mogan: I have a discount code to redeem that gives you five Richards off...?

Avatar image for xcreep1ngdeath

My only problem with this is that with Destiny 3 all this hard work will be meaningless. Needs to be one shared world.

Avatar image for Mogan

@xcreep1ngdeath: I don't think loot games can go on too long like that. Eventually, the loot loses all meaning when you've got so much of it and the board has to be wiped clean. Like, the Whisper of the Worm mission is fun, but nobody would care if they still had their Black Spindle from Destiny 1. Just like nobody would have cared about the secret second half of the Lost to Light mission that got you Black Spindle if they still had their Black Hammer from Crota's End.

But, you don't have to move on from the game once Destiny 3 comes out. Some folks are still playing Diablo 2, almost 20 years after it came out.

Avatar image for mistervulpes


Oh hey, check out the comments here. Seems pretty damn anti-consumer to me....

“Ok so as someone who only has Destiny 2, you're telling me I gotta buy the Expansion Pass for $27, Forsaken $54 and the Annual Pass for $35/$45 (not sure exact price USD/CAD), for a grand total of $116/$126! Wow... to get the full experience. That's way too much just to jump back into this game.”

That’s Ice Cubes comment. Is that not correct? Is that not anti-consumer?

At the very least, the expansion pass and annual pass should not be separate things, that’s ludicrous and pretty disgusting tbh.

Avatar image for Mogan

@mistervulpes: Your math is off. If you've only got the main game, and you want to play Forsaken, your best bet is to get the Legendary Collection that includes everything up through Forsaken for $60. Nobody needs to buy the annual pass yet, and really, you don't need to buy it at all unless you specifically want what's in it (the game is getting new features over the year whether you own the pass or not). So max you're looking at for the next whole year of Destiny 2 content is $90, and that's assuming you didn't spend anything on the game after buying it initially. Compared to the $230 you'd need to spend for WoW's new expansion and a year's subscription, I don't think that's too bad.

But, again, you can always stick with Destiny 1, or The Division, or wait for Anthem, or whatever you actually want to do instead of buying new Destiny 2 content.

Avatar image for mistervulpes


WoW is a far deeper experience than Destiny 2, come on now....not even comparable.

I hear Division actually learnt from it’s BS and became a decent game.

Avatar image for Mogan

@mistervulpes: Before the $50 expansion that just dropped, WoW had less content added to it in the past year than Destiny 2 did. Still cost way more to play though. And as somebody who recently re-subbed, I gotta say, leveling a character in WoW is very much NOT a deeper experience than in Destiny 2. : \

I heard the Division got a major overhaul a while after it launched, kinda like what Destiny 2 just got, but I only tried the Division a couple months ago. Seems fine, but there's about $80 worth of DLC on offer in that game currently, plus a microtransaction loot box vendor, so I don't know how it's "decent" if Destiny 2 isn't.

Avatar image for Barighm

Remember that day when Destiny was the next awesome thing and we were all eagerly anticipating it?

Feels like ancient history now.

Avatar image for R4gn4r0k

@Barighm: Destiny's hype died really quick because Activision tried to make a quick buck out of every little thing.