After A Day Of Struggles, Destiny 2 Niobe Labs Forge Mystery Still Hasn't Been Solved

Once Destiny's biggest brains figure it out, the rest of us will get access to the Bergusia Forge.


Destiny 2's latest weekly reset includes new content, and right now, pretty much every hardcore player in the Destiny community is trying to figure out how to access it. Teams are currently investigating a new location called Niobe Labs, where they're trying to solve an involved puzzle that requires having certain weapons to find hidden symbols, which players have to shoot in a particular order to activate. [Update: More than a full day later, players have continued making progress but have still yet to completely solve the puzzle. As a result, Bungie has decided to unlock the Bergusia Forge regardless of the puzzle's status.]

Niobe Labs is set to unlock the last new activity of The Black Armory, the latest Destiny 2 expansion. That's the Bergusia Forge, the fourth and final of the Forge areas where you can craft new, powerful weapons as part of the expansion. Over the last month since the expansion launched, the community has been uncovering and solving puzzles related to the Forges, each requiring a different weapon that's become available as each new Forge has been unlocked.

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With the release of Niobe Labs, it seems we're dealing with the culmination of all those puzzle-solving efforts, and teams are currently standing in the special room trying to figure out what exactly they have to do in it. On Twitter, Bungie said once one team figures out Niobe Labs, the Bergusia Forge will be unlocked for the rest of the player base--kind of like what happened when new content unlocked after the first successful completion of the Last Wish Raid in the Forsaken expansion late last year.

You can access Niobe Labs and try to solve it yourself if you want, although unless you're following the progress of the rest of the Destiny community on streams and Reddit, you'll probably be wasting your time. The room is located in Earth's EDZ, in the Outskirts area.

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As you enter the Outskirts, head south past where the Forge Saboteurs sometimes spawn and cross the bridge toward Sojourner's Camp. Pass through the camp area (you'll have visited here during Destiny 2's original story campaign) and look for a broken metal bridge at the far end. You can cross that bridge to access a gorge, which will lead you to a cave through which you can pass to access the hidden facility beyond.

Streamers like Teawrex, Datto, and Professor Broman are currently broadcasting attempts at solving the puzzle, and progress is being made, at least. You can also track the progress of the efforts on the Destiny 2 subreddit. For those of us who can't add our genius to figuring out the Black Armory's final brainteaser, watching and waiting is about all there is to do.

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