After A Brief Delay, Apex Legends Duos Mode Is Back In Time For Valentine's Day

You've got an extra day to find a partner.


Update: After a brief delay, Respawn has announced that the Apex Legends Valentine's Day Rendezvous is now live, and will continue through to February 18. The event sees several Valentine's Day-themed charms, a weapon skin, a badge, and a banner added to the game, as well as the return of the popular Duos mode first seen in November 2019.

Our original story follows.

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Respawn Entertainment is feeling the love this Valentine's, as the studio recently announced that its Duos mode will return to Apex Legends in a limited-time event, Valentine's Day Rendezvous. This is the first time that Duos has been in Apex Legends since November 2019.

Rendezvous also includes a badge, an XP boost for playing with a buddy, and two new gun charms. Last year's Valentine's day items, the Through the Heart Longbow skin and Love of the Game Pathfinder banner, are also available once more at a discount. This event comes in the wake of Apex's Season 4, which introduced a new Legend, Revenant, a cyber-ninja with talents that improve the survivability of both you and your allies.

Apex's Season 4 also introduces a whole new Battle Pass and a new weapon, a bolt-action sniper rifle dubbed Sentinel. Respawn has also radically overhauled the popular World's Edge map with a giant drill that split the terrain in twain. There are also some more granular changes in the patch notes, such as the addition of specialized sniper ammo for the game's long-range rifles, like the Longbow and Charge Rifle.

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