After 4.5 Million Sales In 2020, The PS5 Is Set To Grow Even More With Launch In China

Sony's next-generation console is poised for more success by entering a new market.


The PlayStation 5 will release in China during Q2 2021, Sony has announced. According to analyst Daniel Ahmad, Sony China has confirmed the next-gen console will release in China during Q2, which is the April-June period of 2021.

Executives from Sony Interactive Entertainment appeared in a Chinese New Year greetings video to make the announcement; check it out below.

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The PS5 launched in North America, Europe, Australia, and other major markets back in November. In just two months, the console sold 4.5 million units around the world, which is a remarkable achievement and even more impressive given the stock shortages.

The company acknowledged the shortages, saying it has not been able to fully meet demand. The company promised to "do everything in our power" to get more units available.

China is a massive market for games, so it will be intriguing to see how well the next-gen console does in the market. Unless Microsoft swoops in, the PS5 will become the first next-gen console to launch in China. Microsoft has yet to announce plans to bring the Xbox Series X to China.

The country is known to have strict rules and regulations around games, so it remains to be seen what the launch lineup for games will be for the PS5 in the country.

The PS4 and Xbox One did eventually release in China, but not until about a year after the consoles were initially released. According to Ahmad, the Xbox Series X has been approved for release in China, so it might just be a matter of time before Microsoft makes an official announcement.

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