After 17 Million Downloads, DomiNations Gets Biggest Ever Update

World War.


DomiNations, the newly released strategy game from Big Huge Games and Nexon, today launched its biggest update ever. Called World War, the update adds a new "massive multiplayer mode" in which teams of up to 50 players per side can duke it out in two-day battles to control a part of the map.

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The World War update also introduces the ability to build a new Command Post defensive structure and adds the War Base and Map Editor that players can use to customize their bases to their liking.

"DomiNations was built for strategy gamers by strategy gamers, and we're excited to launch our number one player-requested feature: World War," Big Huge Games CEO Tim Train said in a statement. "World War adds a brand new layer of strategy that rewards teamwork, creative base building, and clever approaches to battles. We're looking forward to the global conflagration!"

Here's some further details on how the multi-day World War events will play out:

"Once initiated, the World War is split into two distinct phases with the first day dedicated to planning and the second day focused on all-out global warfare. On planning day, Alliance members can collaborate and conspire by scouting enemy bases, readying their defenses and donating troops to one another.

"Equipped with a new Command Post structure which unleashes civilization-specific defenders, players can use the War Base and Map Editor to deploy strategically configured strongholds built for battle onto the world map. On battle day, each Alliance member can attack twice where they can win up to five stars per base destroyed. The Alliance who scores the most stars at the end wins the war. Each member of the World War who makes a successful attack will earn bonus loot, while the winning side will take home the lion’s share."

DomiNations, a free game for iOS and Android devices, was released in April 2015. It lets players lead and develop their own civilization from the Stone Age all the way through the Space Age. One of the lead designers is Brian Reynolds, who worked on the Civilization and Rise of Nations franchises.

As for Big Huge Games, the first edition of the studio was closed down in 2012 as part of 38 Studios' bankruptcy. But it got a second lease on life last year when Reynolds, who co-founded the first iteration of Big Huge Games in 2000 with Tim Train, acquired the rights to the Big Huge Games name during the 38 Studios auction. Their publishing partner, Nexon, is also behind Gears of War creator Cliff Bleszinskin's new game, Lawbreakers.

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