After 13 Years, the Original Planetside Shuts Down This Summer

The day for two former Sony Online Entertainment games are numbered.


A pair of titles from Daybreak Games (formerly Sony Online Entertainment) are set to shut down this summer after nearly 20 combined years online.

Planetside and Legends of Norrath will both be taken offline for good over the next two months (via PC Gamer). Massively multiplayer FPS Planetside will go first, with its servers going permanently offline on July 1 at 4 PM PT.

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"Planetside 1 has a very important history with Daybreak Games and a special place in the hearts of those who work on its successor," the developer said in a post on its forums. "While we have run the game for free since 2014, due to evolving business needs and technical requirements it has become necessary to conclude this service. We hope you will take this opportunity to enjoy the remaining time available with each other and please help us give Planetside 1 the sendoff it deserves."

Legend of Norrath, the standalone EverQuest trading card game, will see its servers close on August 17 at 12 PM PT.

"Legends of Norrath has not had an active development team for quite some time and in the best interest of our company and players, we have made the difficult decision to close the servers," a forum posts reads.

Booster packs--both standalone purchases and those obtained with an All Access membership--will no longer be available after July 18. If you have any loot packs or rewards to open, you'll need to do so before the servers shut down to get access to your rewards in EverQuest and EverQuest II.

"We know some of you are extremely enthusiastic about some of the items that were previously introduced in the Legends of Norrath TCG packs," the forum post adds. "These loot rewards will continue to be available to players through other means. Look to the Marketplace for packs which give an opportunity for rewards from previous LON sets."

Planetside first launched in 2003, with Legends of Norrath following in 2007. Both games continue to be handled by Daybreak after the studio separated from Sony and assumed its new name. Planetside has since spawned a sequel, 2012's Planetside 2, while Norrath has not. In fact, the latest EverQuest project, EverQuest Next, was recently canceled.

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