After 10 Years, Sony Discontinues PSP -- What's Your Favorite Memory?

Lifetime sales totaled more than 76 million units.

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The PSP's days are numbered.

Sony announced today that the portable gaming device, originally launched ten years ago, will be discontinued worldwide by the end of 2014. The Associated Press reports that PSP shipments ended in North America in January, are scheduled to end in Japan this month, and will come to a close later this year in Europe. Sony is now, of course, pushing the platform's successor, the PlayStation Vita.

Sony has sold more than 76 million PSP units, though that figure is accurate as of the latest officially tally, which came two years ago. The actual lifetime sales figure is likely somewhat higher. The PSP debuted in Japan in December 2004, before coming to the West in early 2005.

The PSP enjoyed a significantly longer lifespan than the digital-only PSP Go, which Sony launched in 2009 and discontinued just two years later. Meanwhile, Sony launched the PS Vita in March 2012, and just recently released a slimmer, lighter version of the device worldwide.

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