African Alliance broken up

Jagged Alliance spin-off gets cancelled, "all the sources" to be used in upcoming 3D installment of turn-based strategy series.


4th Battalion
Hired Guns: The Jagged Edge

Russian developer and publisher Mist Land and Games Factory Interactive announced today the cancellation of their planned expansion of the Jagged Alliance franchise, African Alliance.

"GFI and Mist Land South companies have to inform that the developing of African Alliance is closed," read an announcement on Mist Land's English language Web site. "Such a strong position regarding this project is caused by desire of team to concentrate on attaining the high quality of our future projects."

According to the posting, "all the sources" of African Alliance will be used in Jagged Alliance 3D, though it's tough to say if that refers to resources, source code, or something else. The next line attempts to explain the situation further. "Besides Mist Land South studio is hardly working on Warfare and 4th Battalion now and that was one of the reasons of reconsideration the priorities of company’s activity."

The final bit of information in the posting recaps release dates for the company's games, with Warfare on target for release at the end of this year and Jagged Alliance 3D set for early 2006. 4th Battalion is expected in the second quarter of 2006.

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