AEW's Kenny Omega And Bryan Danielson Have Fought Before, And It's Delightfully Weird

AEW World Champion Kenny Omega and "American Dragon" Bryan Danielson are about to square off, but it's not the first time.


On the September 15 episode of AEW Dynamite, AEW World Champion Kenny Omega accepted the challenge of the newly-signed Bryan Danielson. Danielson, a former multi-time world champion, spoke at All Out after his debut that he came to AEW to wrestle the best in the world, and now he has that chance. Next week, Omega will take on Danielson in a non-title match--and while some consider this a dream match, it's not the first time the two have squared up.

Back in 2009 in PWG (Pro Wrestling Guerrilla), a wrestling group based out of Southern California that made its mark with its unusual mix of comedy and high-caliber professional wrestling, the two finally found themselves in the same ring.

At the time, Danielson had already made a name for himself throughout the independent scene and minor promotions, capturing several championships along the way. Kenny Omega was just making a name for himself having come already made his way in Deep South Wrestling (WWE's then developmental territory), DDT Pro, NWA, PCW, and Jersey All Pro Wrestling.

With PWG's 100th show, aptly-called PWG One Hundred, Omega and Danielson finally got their match and although it started with Danielson trying to take out Omega's arm and elbow with his trademark submission precision, it soon devolved into the men playing literal children's games. After Omega breaks out of Danielson's Dragon Sleeper, Danielson arched down and offer to do some arm wrestling with his opponent.

Which Danielson won. Up next was Danielson offering up a bout for thumb wrestling. Eventually, commentator Davey Richards had enough, proclaiming, "Now this has no bearing on the actual result of the match, this is just chicanery."

So, both performers hopped around the ring trying to get the one up on each other with Omega taking the victory this time. Then, an actual test of strength takes place, which leads to some cool chain sequences. They both go into headstand positions and have a slap battle. That's when it gets weird once again.

Omega gets winded after running the ropes and asks his opponent, the self-proclaimed "American Dragon," what his real name is. Danielson tells Omega that his true identity is...John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt. Omega reveals that's his name, too (as one does). Soon the crowd starts singing the song and you have Danielson and Omega dancing together in the ring which Omega turns into a backslide to try to get the pin.

The match went on for a few more minutes before Danielson caught Omega in a triangle choke, getting the win after 20 minutes. Obviously with over a decade of more experience under their belts, along with having become exponentially more famous and collecting accolades across the globe, we're now about to see two men who haven't wrestled one another in 12 years so what will this match bring this time around?

Omega has been pretty untouchable since winning the AEW World Championship from Jon Moxley almost a year ago and with the title not on the line, this could be where he finally faces some serious competition in the AEW roster. The rematch will finally take place on AEW Dynamite: Grand Slam, next Wednesday, September 23 on TNT.

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