AEW's Cody Rhodes Isn't On Starz's Heels For A Very Good Reason

While Cody Rhodes is excited about Stephen Amell's new show, don't expect him to ever throw on a pair of tights for it.


When it was announced Arrow alum Stephen Amell was trading in his superhero suit for a pair of tights on the pro wrestling drama Heels, coming to Starz later this year, many fans wondered how quickly AEW star Cody Rhodes would sign onto the project. After all, the two are friends and have worked together before. Don't expect to see Cody in Season 1 of Heels, though--and for a very good reason.

"I actually don't ever see me being on a show that's about wrestling because that's just too much wrestling," he explained during an appearance on GameSpot's professional wrestling podcast Wrestle Buddies to promote AEW Double or Nothing. "I don't think I could live in a world where I was wrestling within wrestling. There's too much wrestling in my life. So for me, as Heels goes, I would rather if I was ever on the show be a slimy promoter or a [drunk] fan in the front row or an anti-wrestling personality, things like that. I don't think I'll ever put on tights in a television format ever. It's just too much wrestling for me."

It also hits a little close to home for Rhodes. "I looked at the script for Heels two years ago--maybe three years ago now--and was terrified at how much I related to it," he said. "Because here's two brothers in Georgia and their dad was a wrestler. It just felt a lot like my life. And then it got revised and revised and it became its own thing that is vastly different from the Rhodes' upbringing."

That said, he's rooting for the show--and was able to do so by communicating directly with those involved.

"I talked to the production a lot," he said. "I talked to their showrunner. I talked with Stephen as often as I can. I consider Stephen an actual wrestler. No, I have no involvement other than I'm a supporter of it. CM Punk came by and visited the Nightmare Factory while he was here filming and that was really exciting because I think seeing Punk on that show excites a lot of people and it excites me. I mean, [it's] CM Punk in a ring. I'll take it wherever it is. And that'll be really exciting to see [on] the show, but I'm just looking forward to it."

So while Rhodes may not be suiting up and jumping in the ring for Heels, rest assured he'll likely be parked at his TV to watch it weekly. What's more, if the show ever needs someone to fill the role of a drunk fan, he's ready for the call.

"I'll be a drunk fan who knows a little too much about the business," he joked. "So when you spill out on the floor, you secretly say, 'Hey, you're doing great, man. You're doing good. Hey, we have your spots coming up here, buddy.'"

AEW Double or Nothing airs live on pay-per-view Sunday, May 30. Heels debuts on Starz later this year.

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